Grand Canyon's North Rim

I've been to the south rim of the Grand Canyon a few times, but now I can say that I've also been to the north rim, too. Angels Window, in the top photo, is one of my favorites here at the north rim.

Both my husband and I like the north rim a lot. It's less crowded and I don't think that's just because of the time of the year because we just left Zion and Bryce National Parks which were both really busy. Even on the top of hard-to-get-to Zion's Angels Landing, there was a crowd!

Standing on a North Rim Cliff

The north rim has a lodge, restaurant, cafe and visitor center. There's even a general store where they sell GU and Honey Stinger gels and Clifbloks - maybe for those runners doing the Rim to Rim. I want to hike that someday!

We drove to the outlooks and went on short hikes, which got me nearly 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. When we got back to the Kaibab Camper Village RV park, where we're staying, I ran 4 miles. It was short, but maybe a little too hilly, because I'm tapering for this Saturday's 55K trail race and trying to keep my running easy.

It was chilly and rainy at the Grand Canyon, but the clouds gave it a dramatic look. I couldn't tell if we were in the shot in this picture. Hmm... Maybe I should have left us out of the picture!

Up Kaibab Trail
The next day, we drove the hour long drive back to the north rim and walked along the Kaibab Trail, which hikers can take all of the way to the south rim. We only walked down it a short distance, but the strenuous hike back up the hill to the trail head made me rethink my goal of hiking Rim to Rim to Rim someday. Even hiking Rim to Rim sounds a little crazy after climbing that hill.

View from Point Imperial at 8803': Highest Point on the Rim


  1. Beautiful pictures! You guys have had like the best touring adventures this summer, I am loving following along.

  2. Breathtaking! Good luck on your 55k.

  3. Stunning! Pictures never do the mountains justice, so I can't even imagine how gorgeous this was in person!

  4. I've never been to the grand Canyon. How far is that rim to rim? We have something called the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon here! I haven't gone there yet either but I hear it is beautiful! -M

    1. I've been to the PA Grand Canyon, and it's very pretty! :)

  5. The Grand Canyon is definitely on our list. I read a blog entry where someone hiked from the top to the bottom and back on one day, and it sounded really tough.

  6. Love all your pictures!!! I've actually only ever been to the North rim, I need to get to the south rim one of these days:)
    For years my dad and I have been talking about hiking it rim to rim, we really do need to get on that:)
    Love all your travels, you're one lucky lady to get to travel around like this!

    1. I really enjoyed the more peaceful experience of the North Rim. What a tough, but great adventure to do with your dad. I hope you do that!

  7. It looks so pretty! Rim to Rim sounds like it would be a very tough hike. About 14 years ago I did a short flying tour over the canyon, but I can barely remember a lot of it! I hope I can to go back and be on the ground one day.


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