Moab Area: So Much to See!

Utah is beautiful! I've been in Moab, Utah, for the last few days. Every morning when I step out of the RV and see those red cliffs, I'm impressed by the beauty. My husband and I have visited Arches National Park with the arches and windows (top photo).

We visited Canyonlands National Park where we stopped for a picnic lunch. 

Bridge Over the Colorado River
I did a long run of 18.5 miles through Moab, over the bridge in the photo and on the bike trail towards Arches National Park. If you stay here and you're a runner or biker, you'll want to stay on the north end of town, unlike what we did, so that you'll be closer to the bike trail.

The next day, I ran 11.5 miles with some hillwork included - so tiring!

Colorado River

We camped near Arches National Park last night at Big Bend campground beside the Colorado River. We didn't have any wifi, or RV hook-ups, but it was nice and peaceful there and I got some cleaning done.

We visited Goblins State Park today. Fun to see those rock formations! Our Weimaraner liked walking through them, too.

Today I ran in one of the best places I've run during this whole trip. That's saying a lot because I've run in many gorgeous places since we've been traveling in our RV for about 3 months! Today's run was a 7 miler at Capitol Reef National Park. My husband dropped me off at Slickrock overlook and I ran down the main road through the park. I carried a walkie talkie (no phone service) in order to get in touch with him when I finished. The run was quiet and beautiful. The first 5 miles of the run were downhill and I kept the pace fast. I hope it will help to prepare my legs for my next race...

I think I'll register for the Arizona Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line 55K trail race on September 26. I'm afraid of getting lost, the wild animals and the mountain running, but sometimes it's fun to do things that scare you!


  1. Those pics are beautiful! You have had a great summer traveling around seeing many places. I say go for it! You should sign up. All the running you have been doing on trails this summer, you will do awesome!

  2. I'm glad your having a great time! I've spent a lot of time in my life in those area's, I really can never get enough of it! Capitol Reef National Park is one of the lesser known, but seriously one of the most beautiful treasures, I love that place and I agree those red orange cliffs running along them can't be beat! Enjoy your time in Utah, we have a beautiful state!!!
    Beautiful pictures too!!!

  3. I love following your adventures! I'm glad you're having such a good trip!

  4. What a wonderful place to run. I'm green with envy!

  5. You are SO ready for the 55K!!! I think you should run it! And enjoy the scenery!

    I am loving all of your posts and pictures! How fun that you have been able to travel this long, together, all over our great, beautiful country!! I hope to do that one day, too!!!

  6. You are such a running machine :) You will do great in the ultra event!
    Utah is quite amazing, it is becoming a must visit place on my list the more I see. What's not to love about a place that has great bike and running places :)

  7. You've been doing so much running lately and your pictures are amazing! If you did end up signing up for that race, I hope it goes well tomorrow!!


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