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My Longer Training Cycle


I was glad to see five deer this week when I was out for three of my runs. There's some major tree cutting going on at the park beside my house and I was afraid that the deer would leave the park. (Enlarge the photo to see the three deer I saw one day.)

Eating Before My Morning Run 

My "fasting before all of my runs experiment" has ended in hopes that I'll have more energy when I run. I felt better when I ran 12 miles after eating first, but my pace still hasn't picked back up. See this Inside Tracker post and this post for more on the subject of eating before you run.

Am I an Obnoxious Runner? 

I asked myself that question after reading this article that makes the point that running should inspire others to do what they love even if it isn't running. Then I asked myself that question again after watching the video about the marathoner who ran without telling anyone. That would not be me!

A Longer Exercise Cycle 

After reading the book Meb for Mo…

4 Tips from Meb for Mortals, the Book

I found some great advice in Meb Keflezighi's book, Meb for Mortals. Here are four of my favorite tips for training and race nutrition.

Meb trains using a 9-day cycle. He feels fresher using this plan over the usual 7 day plan because the longer cycle helps him to stay injury-free. In each cycle, he will run a long run, an interval workout and a tempo run. He follows each of these runs with 2 days of recovery runs. Before reading the book, I heard he used 9 day cycles and tried them, but I didn't know about the two recovery days (easy runs) after a hard day. I'll try that with some of the recovery days as "no running" days.   For protein, he usually eats eggs (after his morning run), chicken (for most lunches and dinners) and beef (especially after a hard/long run). I've been eating more beef lately to get more iron in my diet and now I'll focus on beef for hard days.The day before a marathon, Meb doesn't change his diet very much. The day before a ma…

Home Again, Fasted Run, R2R?

We've been back home since October 1 after taking a four month RV vacation and even though RV'ing is a fun adventure, there are nice things about being home.
Seeing friendsGood wifiMy washing machine and dryer We don't know when we'll take off again, but it was a fun vacation with national parks, a visit to Canada and three races:

Leadville 10KMissoula MarathonFlagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach 55K
Don't Touch That Toast!

I'm trying something new that I used to do a lot - fasted running (not eating before my morning run). All I thought about during today's run was food, but that will pass as I get used to this. It would be nice if I didn't have to eat so much during a race, but I may only eat less during training runs and then take in the usual amount of gels during races. Not only that, but I've been eating fewer carbs and more healthy fats like avocados and coconut butter.

R2R at Grand Canyon? 

I've been talking up doing a rim to rim (R2R) hike…