4 Tips from Meb for Mortals, the Book

I found some great advice in Meb Keflezighi's book, Meb for Mortals. Here are four of my favorite tips for training and race nutrition.

  1. Meb trains using a 9-day cycle. He feels fresher using this plan over the usual 7 day plan because the longer cycle helps him to stay injury-free. In each cycle, he will run a long run, an interval workout and a tempo run. He follows each of these runs with 2 days of recovery runs. Before reading the book, I heard he used 9 day cycles and tried them, but I didn't know about the two recovery days (easy runs) after a hard day. I'll try that with some of the recovery days as "no running" days.   
  2. For protein, he usually eats eggs (after his morning run), chicken (for most lunches and dinners) and beef (especially after a hard/long run). I've been eating more beef lately to get more iron in my diet and now I'll focus on beef for hard days.
  3. The day before a marathon, Meb doesn't change his diet very much. The day before a marathon, he might eat a turkey sandwich, spaghetti with meatballs and his usual afternoon fruit snack. I probably change things too much when I'm out of town for a race and eat out. 
  4. Nice View While Cross-training in Estes Park, Colorado
  5. When cross-training, he likes to keep the effort "easy to moderate" and to work out for 60-90 minutes. This is something I've wondered about and I plan to follow his advice. 

You'll also find strength training workouts, running drills and a month of training plans for race distances from the 5K to the marathon in Meb's book.

Have you read Meb's book or another book that has changed the way that you train or eat?


  1. I've considered picking this book up at the library!
    I have heard a lot of professional athletes don't do intense cross training, and I've always thought there is something to that. Runners used to not get injured even half as often as they do now, and I think a lot has to do with all these crazy workout ideas for cross training. I do think his advice of moderate is right on, it makes sense!

  2. I have not read this book but I know I'd enjoy it. That's interesting about the beef on long/hard runs. I do not eat enough red meat. I may need to incorporate it more into my diet.

  3. Interesting! There was a tip in Runners World from that book about picking your knees up more that helped my form. I'd like to read that book.

  4. This one is on my book reading bucket list! Great that you learned so much from it. I'm all for eating eggs, chicken and beef!
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  5. His book sounds great! I love Meb so much so I know I'd enjoy it. I love the 9-day cycle idea, especially for *ahem* older runners like me! :D

  6. I need to read his book. I often eat eggs after a run :) I usually drink a protein shake if I ran four miles or longer, when I don't have time to eat after a run.
    I tend to push really hard when I cross train, I probably need to heed that advice the next few weeks till my race.

  7. Anonymous11/09/2015

    I need to get a copy of this book! Sounds like we can all learn something from Meb, he offers some great advice! Thanks for your review!


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