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16 Mile Run Plus Links

If only every 16 mile run felt like today's run! Here's what may have played into this negative split morning run. The night before I slept 9 long hours. I ate cream of rice made with 1/2 cup coffee, water, molasses and honey before the run. I ate a homemade 1 x 5" almond butter/raisin/ground pretzels bar and half a banana during the run. It was a cool 50 degrees. Average pace- 9:59/mile. My 1st mile split- 11:06 and mile 16- 8:49. 2 hours 40 minutes long.

Running Shoes: My Favorite Shoes to Buy

Reading Runblogger's Review of 2016 Trail Shoes gave me some new ideas for the next shoes I buy. Since I ran the Leadville 10K this summer, I need the New Balance "Leadville". Except that I think I'd like the wide toe box of the Altra. But running in Skechers like Meb (my Meb for Mortals book review) and Camille sounds pretty good, too. (Here's a podcast interview with Camille.)

Here Comes the Cold Weather!

The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter - I vis…

20 Miles: Gen UCan and a Gel

Today I tried a new product before my long run: Generation UCan. I was hoping that by taking Gen UCan, I wouldn't need to take as many other types of fuel as usual. Although I have run 17 miles without fuel before, I often eat a gel or something about every 5 miles.

The main ingredient in Gen UCan powder is corn starch and it's supposed to prevent you from bonking by keeping your blood sugar level. I ate the following mixture 30 minutes before my run.

Cranberry Raspberry Chocolate Gen UCan (mixed the night before and refrigerated)

1 packet chocolate Gen UCan (33 gm carbohydrates)
1/2 packet cranberry raspberry Gen UCan (15 gm carbohydrates)
enough water to give it a pudding-like consistency

I liked the way the chocolate powder (contains sucralose) tasted, but the fruit powder was so sweet from the stevia that I mixed the two together to tone down the sweetness. This tasted okay. I'm sure mixing peanut butter with only the chocolate would taste better, but I wanted to keep …

18 miles, Speedwork & a Smoothie

The last time I made crepes was when I took a home economics class in 9th grade and ever since I had crepes while on vacation this summer I've wanted to make them so I finally did. My crepes (recipe) were a little thick (should have added more milk), but since I haven't made them in years, I gave myself a break and a few bacon bits. I ate them before Friday's 18 mile run and today's 8 mile run with nut butters, bananas, honey and jam, but not all in one crepe!

I wasn't sore after my 18 mile run (with the last three miles the fastest) even though I thought I might be since I did so little running in the days before that long run. Gradually adding 3 miles to the long runs and doing them every 9 days is working for me.

Saturday, we were invited to a brand new restaurant that specializes in chicken, PDQ, for their "train the employees" day. Training day can be scary (it wasn't, though), but free food? Always good! My favorite item was the peanut butter c…

My 3 Rules: Running and Books

It's (Better Than) OK to Run at an Easy Effort Until You're Warmed Up

Today I ran 8 miles with 4 easy, 2 at a harder effort and 2 easy miles once again. Six of the miles were run at a 12 something pace. The two harder miles were run at 9:55 and then 8:59/mile pace. It must have been the music I listened to that got my legs moving.

Singing While Runningis OK 

On those days when you don't think you can get out there and run because it will be hard, watch X Ambassadors' video of Renegades and then listen to it when you run. When you're running alone, I bet you can't keep from singing along - even if you are running hard!

New Book Rule (Reinstated): It's OK Not to Finish Bad Books

During the easy miles today, I listened to a book. I've had to put 3 to rest recently. I don't like to not finish books, but even worse is reading a book I don't like. I recently restarted the classic Moby Dick on Kindle. This time, I'm going to dig a little deeper into …