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How I Ran Two 18 Milers & More

I like to run and in 2015, I ran just over 1,900 miles. I like being outside, listening to a book or music and training for races. I'm not registered for one yet, but I'm looking for one.

After each run, Zoe, my Weimaraner, and I go for a walk. She'll be 11 on New Year's Day and can walk much farther than she is able to run now. Notice the handy-for-cold-running thumb holes in my running shirt - a Walmart purchase.

9 Days of Running, Riding and ST (strength-training/core) (12/21/15 - 12/29/15)

Monday: ST. 18 mile run, time-3:11, 10:37/mile. About 2 miles into the rainy run, I took cover beneath a picnic table area because of the lightning and thunder and did some exercises and stretches so that I wouldn't get cold. In the beginning, I always doubt that I'll be able to speed up, but I ran the last 4 miles the fastest.

Fuel: pre-run: oatmeal with coconut butter, a banana and coffee; during run: 2 bottles Gatorade, 4 Fig Newton cookies and an ounce of raisins - 570…

Running News (December 23)

Here are a few of my favorite links of the week. I hope you find something that inspires you!

Tough Girl Podcast

Listen to inspiring stories of women overcoming great challenges.
Running Bloggers: A Comprehensive List of Who's Sharing Great Content

Run to the Finish blogger, Amanda Brooks, links to running, fitness and healthy eating blogs.

The Real Health Benefits of New Superfood Cactus Water

A comparison of cactus water, coconut water and water.

How Trail Running Helps Me Beat Back Social Anxiety Disorder

This runner chooses running over medication to help overcome his anxiety.

Search for 12 items in #RunChatHunt and Win

You have until January 1 to win prizes like a GPS watch and running shoes.

Running mantra forthe start of a race: "Pass no one."  - Bart Yasso

2016 Reading Challenge & Running, Too

2016 Reading Challenge
I listen to a lot of books when I run. So far this year, I've listened to or read 35 books.Click here to see my 2015 reading list. One of my favorite books was Meb for Mortals. After reading that book, I began using a (mostly) 9 day schedule instead of a 7 day one (my book review).  

In 2016, I'm going to use the Visual Theology Reading Challenge as a guide when I choose books based on thereading listsuggestions. 

The Light Reader List
1. A book about Christian living
2. A biography
3. A classic novel
4. A book someone tells you "changed my life"
5. A commentary on a book of the Bible 6. A book about theology
7. A book with the word "gospel" in the title or subtitle
8. A book your pastor recommends
9. A book more than 100 years old
10. A book for children
11. A mystery or detective novel
12. A book published in 2016
13. A book about a current issue
Once I complete the Light Reader List of 13 books, I may move on to more lists in the challenge. There&#…

18 Mile Run and Race Day Carb Tips

Today there was a race held at the park where I run so Zoe and I saw part of the race when we went on a walk after I went on a thirty minute bike ride and then a five mile run at the park.

Friday, I ran 18 miles. It was a warm 70 degrees and it was nice to be able to wear shorts in December. That's Texas!

I only ate 6 Fig Newton cookies on my 18 miler that took about 3 1/4 hours. An hour into my run, I started eating a cookie every 20-25 minutes. Two Fig Newton cookies have about the same amount of carbohydrates and calories as one gel. When I'm in a long race, I often eat 1-2 gels an hour. Eating two cookies was like eating one gel every 45 minutes.

After my long run, I completed some arm strengthening exercises and listened to a podcast, Science of Ultra Podcast with Dr. Jeukendrup: Carbohydrates for Runners. Thirty-eight minutes into the podcast you'll hear some suggestions for carb consumption during a race of marathon length or more. Here's the low-down for race …

8 Miles and Links

After a breakfast of oatmeal topped with blueberries, honey, almonds, coconut butter and molasses, I started yesterday's run. It was a little chilly here in SE Texas so I pulled my long sleeves down over my hands as I walked to the park.

At the park, I started running very slowly to continue my warm-up. After two miles, I picked up the pace and thought that mile was a 10 minute mile until I got home and uploaded the info to see that it was a 9:35 mile. I ran the next two miles at a 9:14 and then a 9:01 minute per mile pace. My last hard mile was at 8:35. I don't see numbers like that very often so I was happy. I finished with two cool-down miles. That's eight miles total.

During the cool-down, I stopped at home to pick up Zoe, my dog. We stopped at the park exercise equipment after the run where I exercised for a few minutes. At home, I made a mug of minty hot chocolate to warm me up because, you know, 50 degrees, brrr!

How to Develop Situational Awareness

Runners, are you…