2016 Reading Challenge & Running, Too

2016 Reading Challenge

I listen to a lot of books when I run. So far this year, I've listened to or read 35 books. Click here to see my 2015 reading list. One of my favorite books was Meb for Mortals. After reading that book, I began using a (mostly) 9 day schedule instead of a 7 day one (my book review).  

In 2016, I'm going to use the Visual Theology Reading Challenge as a guide when I choose books based on the reading list suggestions. 

The Light Reader List

1. A book about Christian living
2. A biography
3. A classic novel
4. A book someone tells you "changed my life"
5. A commentary on a book of the Bible
6. A book about theology
7. A book with the word "gospel" in the title or subtitle
8. A book your pastor recommends
9. A book more than 100 years old
10. A book for children
11. A mystery or detective novel
12. A book published in 2016
13. A book about a current issue

Once I complete the Light Reader List of 13 books, I may move on to more lists in the challenge. There's even a list for those who want to read 104 books. It's called the Obsessive List! 

Do More Better Book Review

This week I read Do More Better: a Practical Guide to Productivity, a book by Tim Challies who is the Christian blogger who created the 2016 Reading Challenge that I'm following.  

First, he suggests that you think about a life purpose and then define your mission for each area of your life. Next, you prioritize your tasks and only do the tasks that fit your mission statement. Last of all, he gives advice on tools that will help you to be more productive like Google Calendar and Evernote, which I use, and Todoist. This book might be just the motivation I need to make some changes in 2016. 

This Week's Totals: Running, Riding & More

  • A high mileage week for me: 50 miles
  • 5 days of running: 10, 8, 13, 0, 11 and 8 miles
  • 3 short strength-training sessions 
  • 1 hour bike ride
  • 25-30 push-ups a day
  • Dog walks/runs with my Weimaraner, Zoe

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


  1. Love the reading challenge you're going to be doing! I love to read, I never thought about reading specific types like this on a list.
    The obsessive list sounds fun, but even if I got back to being able to read a book a week, I don't think I'd hit over 100+ books, well unless they were kids books, LOL
    Good luck with your fun reading challenge!

    1. Thanks! If I finish the Light Reader List, I'll try the Avid Reader List and read 26 books, but 104 books sounds impossible to me, too!

  2. Great week of training - way to go!! A book that changed my life was "The Four Agreements." You have to wade through a lot of gobbledy gook flowery language, but the principles in the book are life-changing.

    1. Thanks for sharing about the book! They don't carry it at my library, but I just happen to be starting one today that is on the subject of happiness, too!

  3. High mileage! Are you training for something long again? I love audio books, but I can't concentrate when I run! I need to walk or hike lol

    1. I'm not registered for a race yet, but I like to keep up with my training even if I don't have a race scheduled. I want to be ready if the opportunity to race comes up and I like running long!

  4. Wow great mileage. Do you have anything special in mind that you are training for? I have never thought to listen to my audio books when I run. Maybe I should try that

    1. Thanks! I just want to be ready to race even though I'm not registered for another one yet. Sometimes knowing I have a book to listen to gives me some extra motivation to go for a run.

  5. Wow Tina, I just do not know how you fit it all in. amazing. You should do a day in the life post.


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