Running News (December 23)

Here are a few of my favorite links of the week. I hope you find something that inspires you!

Tough Girl Podcast

Listen to inspiring stories of women overcoming great challenges.

Running Bloggers: A Comprehensive List of Who's Sharing Great Content

Run to the Finish blogger, Amanda Brooks, links to running, fitness and healthy eating blogs.

The Real Health Benefits of New Superfood Cactus Water

A comparison of cactus water, coconut water and water.

How Trail Running Helps Me Beat Back Social Anxiety Disorder

This runner chooses running over medication to help overcome his anxiety.

Search for 12 items in #RunChatHunt and Win

You have until January 1 to win prizes like a GPS watch and running shoes.

Running mantra for the start of a race: "Pass no one."  - Bart Yasso


  1. Thanks for the links Tina :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks! I look forward to checking these out. Have a great holiday!

  3. Always love discovering new blogs or links that enlighten me, so thank you!

  4. That's a cool list of links you put together. I will for sure look into the pod cast. I really enjoy listening to pod casts while running. Happy New Year!


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