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Snow, Books and Quartzite

We're home! I ran 31 miles so far this week, but not always when I wanted to run. One day, there wasn't time to run because we were traveling across the country in our RV from the West coast back to our home in Texas. Some things that kept me from running: not feeling safe where we were, icy and snowy roads in Ft. Stockton, Texas, and just being too tired from all day drives. When I got home and was rested, I was able to run 9 miles and then 14 miles today.

I listened to or read 9 books while we were gone this month on vacation. I often use Overdrive from my local library to read and listen to books. I recently finished listening to East to the Dawn: the Life of Amelia Earhart. I learned everything I could want to learn (and a little more!) about courageous Amelia while I ran in Oregon.

We made our first visit to the annual Quartzite RV Show in Arizona. I enjoyed speaking with entrepreneurs and spokespeople about their RV businesses and seeing some RV's for sale, but one …

18+ Miles in Newport Beach Area

I ran 18 miles yesterday, mostly at the beach, just after we arrived in Newport Beach, California. Feeling the warmth of the sun, after our chilly Oregon visit, was great and seeing the ocean and mansions on the beach was a fun change of scenery.

When I completed the run at the RV park where we're staying, there was a colorful sunset. I quickly cleaned up because my husband found us some places to eat: Panini in Corona Del Mar and then Sprinkles for ice cream (for me) and a cupcake (for him).

Today, I ran 8 miles on nearby Balboa Island beside the water (photo above) which gives me 50 total miles for the week (about 1/2 of the miles in Oregon and 1/2 in California). I found some great places to run as we traveled this week!

Running Miles This Week:
9, 5, 10 (windy), 0, 18 (w/stairs, hills), 8 (w/sprints)

Running in Oregon

Yesterday, my husband and I continued our RV vacation. We saw huge Mt. Shasta when we drove into California from Oregon.

Before driving into California yesterday, I ran 10 miles around Phoenix, Oregon, early in the morning.

I felt a little lost when I saw a sign that said Phoenix was in the opposite direction from the way that I was running so I pulled up a map on my phone. And then I missed a turn and ran 2 extra miles for a total of 10! Earlier this week, I ran 9 and 5 miles along Bear Creek. (That's the creek in the next photo.)

Northern CA Coast: Run, Hike, Google

Going for a morning run was the best way to start my day yesterday because I spent a lot of time in the car later.

On my 9 mile run through Eureka, California, I saw Victorian houses, the marina, a lot of homeless people in Old Town and only one other runner.

Before arriving in Eureka, we visited the Google campus in San Jose to look through the small museum and gift shop. I'm glad we stopped, but I'd only go there if it was on the way - not a lot to see. After our third In-n-Out burger stop on this trip and a donut stop at Krispy Kreme, we drove the RV through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm glad I wasn't driving on those hilly, narrow streets.

But back to Eureka! After my run, we left our RV at the Shoreline RV Park and drove farther up the California coast to Trinidad Beach (top photo) for fish and chips and then to Redwoods National Park where we went on short hikes and saw tall trees.

California Coast Runner/Tourist

After visiting Santa Barbara, my husband and I drove up the California coast to Monterey where we stayed at a KOA in nearby Moss Landing.

From there, I ran to the beach where I saw sand dunes, seals, sea otters and that sunrise (top photo) - beautiful! Not a bad place to do a 5 mile and a 17 mile run. Last week, I ran 13 miles only drinking water. For my 17 miler, I also had raisins, fruit strips and flat Coke.

We drove north to Santa Cruz where the sea lions hanging out underneath the wharf slept and fought over the best sleeping locations.

Next, we stopped in Monterey to eat a nice meal at Caffe Trieste and to walk on the wharf. There are about 10 fish restaurants on the wharf and they all hand out clam chowder samples as you walk down the wharf- second lunch!

We took the scenic drive and walked the beach at Carmel by the Sea beside the Pebble Beach golf course. The ocean views are so beautiful that, now that I'm at the beach I can't decide which I like best, the beach or t…

California: Solvang & Santa Barbara

Before we moved to Texas, we lived in California. On this trip, my husband and I visited some old favorites, like Santa Barbara (top photo), and some new ones, too.

We stayed in our RV at Cachuma Lake County Park (new to us), which is in between Solvang and Santa Barbara. We walked around Solvang, stopping at the many Danish bakeries for delicious pastries.

I ran 10 miles at the campground, happy to have the chance to run on hills. Then we drove to the beach to walk on Stearn's Wharf and State Street in Santa Barbara where we stopped at a great ice cream shop, McConnell's.

The next morning, I ran 8 miles at the campground. At the top of a short hill with a lake view, I ran underneath a branch that had broken off the trunk overnight. I ran that hill 12 times for some much needed hill work and to run off the almond flavored tart and the butter cookies from Solvang!

Let's Drive to Central California!

Yesterday, we drove up to Tehachapi, California. We saw the snow and the famous train loop. (That's my husband taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!)

We left our home in Texas for an RV trip out west on New Year's Day. We drove to Bakersfield, California, where we've stayed for the last few days. We had a great visit with our family.

I guess I can run anywhere... My first run of 2016 was at a rest stop outside of Phoenix (see photo). I ran 7 miles on a .4 mile loop around the parked vehicles. Hopefully, that first run will be the least scenic run of the year.

Running (in miles) this week:
7, 11, 9, 5, 13 (progression run) = 45 total

My 2016 running goal is 2,016 miles, an average of 40 a week, so I'm happy with that total. I wonder where I'll run next!