Snow, Books and Quartzite

We're home! I ran 31 miles so far this week, but not always when I wanted to run. One day, there wasn't time to run because we were traveling across the country in our RV from the West coast back to our home in Texas. Some things that kept me from running: not feeling safe where we were, icy and snowy roads in Ft. Stockton, Texas, and just being too tired from all day drives. When I got home and was rested, I was able to run 9 miles and then 14 miles today.

I listened to or read 9 books while we were gone this month on vacation. I often use Overdrive from my local library to read and listen to books. I recently finished listening to East to the Dawn: the Life of Amelia Earhart. I learned everything I could want to learn (and a little more!) about courageous Amelia while I ran in Oregon.

Seen on My Early Morning Run

We made our first visit to the annual Quartzite RV Show in Arizona. I enjoyed speaking with entrepreneurs and spokespeople about their RV businesses and seeing some RV's for sale, but one day was enough time there. Before spending the day at the Big Tent that is set up a lot like what you'd see at a fair, I ran up and down Main Street for 8 miles. I covered a lot of miles running and walking that day!

Too bad both my Garmin Forerunner and FitBit have both stopped working, but at least I can track my running using the MapMyRun app. I like the fact that the app lets me know when I've run another mile while I run and that it's free. I tried Strava to track runs, but the app didn't work well on my phone. What do you use to track your running?


  1. It can be hard to get runs in when on the road. I use my Garmin to track my runs when I want to be precise about tracking my mileage.

    1. It really can be hard, but I love running on vacation!


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