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Coach Lyons' Marathon Tips

I'm running a marathon on March 5! The race I'm running has held a series of running presentations and this week, I attended Coach Dana Lyons' presentation. Here's what the coach shared with us about running marathons and especially about my upcoming race, The Woodlands Marathon (held north of Houston).

Before Race Day

You don't need to load up with carbohydrates before race day. When he started racing years ago he needed to carb-load, but now you can get what you need on the race course. Still, you might like to bring a couple of gels to take in addition to the aid station Endurance Gatorade and gels (miles 10 & 20).Skip strength training, but do some core work the week before the race.The day before the race, run 10-15 minutes, snack on salty snacks like pretzels and eat an early dinner around 4 or 5 so that you have time to digest your food and will be able to have a good night's sleep.
On Race Morning

Two to three hours before the race, eat a breakfast of…

Maxing Out at 18 Miles for Marathons

5 Good Foods/Drinks I Had This Week That You Might Like, Too

1. Green Apple Gatorade - It tastes like the hard candies that I like.
2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Hammer gel
3. Root Beer Gu gel
4. Freekah - Use it like rice. High in protein, fiber and iron.
5. Bee pollen - I've only taken a small amount for one month and haven't noticed any extra energy, which is one of the reasons for taking it so I'm increasing the dose to 2 teaspoons today.

Have you tried any of these?

This Week's Exercise 

Saturday: Rest day except for theusual dailydog walk
Sunday: Biked 50 min.
Monday: 12 mile progression run: 3 easy, 6 moderate to hard, 3 easy; back exercises (IRF, Kinetic Rev)
Tuesday: 8 miles easy
Wednesday: Biked 43 min.; body-weight exercises
Thursday: 18 miles; exercises like push-ups, squats and leg lifts
Friday: 7 miles easy, weights (video), back and balance exercises

Total Running Miles: 45

This Week's Long Run: 18 Miles on 2/18

4:30 am - Wake-up (without alarm), exercise a few mi…

5 Mental Tips for Racing

I'll get to the tips in a second, but first things first... Follow Sprinkles Cupcakes on Twitter so you'll get BOGO deals. (If you don't live near one, I'm sorry!) I paced myself and ate my cupcake over two days - such pacing self-control. If only I'd do that on race day when I usually start marathons too fast.

Now, onto the running tips... Last night, I attended a talk on the psychology of running in The Woodlands. It took me forever to get there even though it's normally only about 20 minutes away because of a highway accident, but I'm glad I went. Adrienne Langlier, a sports psychologist with a blog you'll want to follow, gave helpful tips for racing.

5 Mental Tips for Races

Before race day, think about your race routines that include what you'll want to and not want to focus on. Stay positive.Don't hit the wall on race day by practicing relaxation on long training runs. Work through your body and make sure your shoulders and your back are rel…

3 Things to Help Fuel Your Run

Here are three new things I learned about this week.
GU's new 15 serving gel pack would be handy if you don't want to carry 15 packets on a trail run or a bike ride.Glukos is a new gel/powder with the main ingredient being glucose. They say it will absorb immediately into your body.Read the Racing Weight Blog to get some new ideas for what to eat from endurance athletes. Weekly Recap (2/1 - 2/7)

Since I've been home here in Texas after my month long trip to California and Oregon, I've been doing some bird-watching. Lately, I've seen Egyptian Geese and a hawk visiting the lake area at the park where I run. I saw one bird swoop down, catch a fish in the lake and fly over the lake a few times with the fish.

Monday- Yay, it's a long run day! 18 miles took me 3 1/4 hours to run (10:50/mi ave.). I had a waffle and a small PB&J crepe sandwich a couple of hours before having some Generation UCan 30 minutes before the run. After running an hour, I drank more Gen UCan.…