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Weekend: Running, Riding & a Drone

I've got running, riding and a drone video to share and a weekly recap of exercises, too.

Last Saturday, there was a 5K race at the park where I do most of my running, riding and walking. I showed up with my bike just as the race was starting and some of the participants offered me money for my bike - wanting to cross the finish line sooner!

My husband, who has a drone business, Flying Phantoms, brought his drone and made this Resurrection 5K video for the church putting on the race. My favorite parts of the video are the bird's eye views of the park and the people waving at the drone.

I rode my bike and then I ran 6 miles. My legs felt sluggish when I tried to speed up after riding and running a warm-up mile, but the race was a good distraction. There were lots of high-fives and cheers all around. I finished up my workout morning with a walk with a friend and both of our dogs.

On Easter morning, after my bike ride and core workout, I went to the park. It was such a contrast …

For Runners: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Maybe you've felt a little blah about running lately. If so, you might need some running motivation. Read on!

If You've Lost Your Running Motivation...  
Register for a race! I'm registered to run the local Brazos Bend 25K trail race (15.8 miles) on April 16. Last year, I ran the 50 mile race and the year before I ran the 25K race. I'm ready to count up the alligators I see during the race. This is southeast Texas!

Buy new running gear! I visited REI to try on some shoes, but I didn't find any that I liked better than the ones I've worn before so I'll probably buy the next pair from an online store. Running Warehouse is one of my favorite online stores. Use the code "GottaRunNow" to save 10% there.

Read a running book or a blog! I wrote a post about Meb for Mortals, a book that inspires me. Check out my sidebar for lots of fun blogs to read.

Run with someone new! I've belonged to a couple of different running groups. That's always a great way …

5 Ways to Recover After a Long Race

After running The Woodlands Marathon on March 5, I was excited to get back to running but I knew that my body needed some rest. Here's what I did on the days following the marathon.
Walked my dog, Zoe, and bird-watched.
Spotted the first Bluebonnet of the season in the park during an easy run.Went on easy-paced bike rides while my husband videoed me with his drone.Napped like athlete Mirinda Carfrae - no 2 hour naps for me, though!
Ate whatever I wanted like tart cherries for recovery (cherry smoothie recipe) and pecan pie - I won a whole pie on Pi Day, on 3/14, for memorizing the first 25 numbers of pi. It made a great topping on my oatmeal. It's healthier that way, right?!How do you recover after a race?

How to Run a Marathon Using Strava and Perceived Effort

Running a Marathon Using the Strava App

To track my miles, instead of wearing a watch for The Woodlands Marathon last Saturday, I used the Strava app. With one earbud in my ear, the Strava app updated me with half mile splits and distance. I wanted to know where I was on the course so that I'd take my gels before the water tables.

Trying to conserve battery power, because the app takes a lot of it, I didn't listen to music or a book like I would have liked and only kept the Strava app open. Unfortunately, I needed to turn the app on long before the start and my first mile looks like it took 25 minutes to run. At the top, that's me in the black hat between the neon green shirts with my Strava app running - oops! It was too noisy there to hear the updates telling me that it was running already.

But at least my phone battery didn't die until after the race! Although mile markers were up, it was great to know when I hit half miles on the course from the app. By the way, it…

The Woodlands Marathon Race Report

Here's my Woodlands Marathon race report! My 18th marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, took place in a wooded community north of Houston, Texas, on Saturday, March 5. I was a VIP because I attended a marathon talk and I lined up right behind the elites in the race - fun!

Weather: Clear skies, 50 (Nice!) - 70* (I don't think I was sweating until mile 13, but 70 is a little too warm.)

Course: Fairly flat course with some hills, shade trees at the beginning, but not at the end. I'm slightly sunburned.

Expo/Packet Pick-up:  Atpacket pick-up, I stopped at many of the tables to chat and see what was offered and it still only took me 30 minutes to get through.

Race Morning: I woke up before my alarm went off and decided to stay up at 3:40. Because of that, I finished eating by 4 - a good thing! After getting dressed, I listened to the Fuel Like Meb video (here's my review on his book, Meb for Mortals). I was nervous, but I knew I had trained for the distance and that I'd feel b…

Taper Week for The Woodlands Marathon

I'm looking forward to going for a long, long run on March 5 - in the form of a marathon! Race volunteering, baking cookies and going to the race expo are just a few of the ways I spent my extra time in the week leading up to The Woodlands Marathon (held north of Houston, Texas).

Race Volunteering

I'd never given the signs on the race course much thought until this week. I washed race course signs and assembled large banners. The coordinator told me that volunteers begin preparing for The Woodlands Marathon as early as November. That's hundreds of hours of volunteering! I'm going to have so much fun seeing the signs on race day and saying to myself, "I put that mile marker sign together!" and "There's the Finishing Shirts sign that I cleaned!"


What do you do with your extra time during your taper? I baked cookies. Ultrarunner Stephanie Howe shared a chocolate nut butter cookie recipe that I made even though I didn't have all of the i…