Taper Week for The Woodlands Marathon

I'm looking forward to going for a long, long run on March 5 - in the form of a marathon! Race volunteering, baking cookies and going to the race expo are just a few of the ways I spent my extra time in the week leading up to The Woodlands Marathon (held north of Houston, Texas).

Race Volunteering

I'd never given the signs on the race course much thought until this week. I washed race course signs and assembled large banners. The coordinator told me that volunteers begin preparing for The Woodlands Marathon as early as November. That's hundreds of hours of volunteering! I'm going to have so much fun seeing the signs on race day and saying to myself, "I put that mile marker sign together!" and "There's the Finishing Shirts sign that I cleaned!"

Chocolate Nut Butter Cookies with White Chocolate Chips


What do you do with your extra time during your taper? I baked cookies. Ultrarunner Stephanie Howe shared a chocolate nut butter cookie recipe that I made even though I didn't have all of the ingredients needed. Because I didn't have the dates needed, she suggested using more maple syrup. The cookies have a good texture and a strong chocolate taste that made them a nice treat with my morning coffee after a run. I want to try them with dates next time - that will make them sweeter.


The Woodlands Marathon Race Expo

It only took me 30 minutes to pick up my packet and walk through the expo so it was small, but if you need something at the last minute like gels, they had them. My favorite item at the expo was the RooSport, a pocket that holds items while you run. It attaches to your waist belt with magnets and felt looked like it would be secure. I love it when people create new products for runners! (It's even sold at Amazon.)

The Day Before the Marathon

Because Coach Lyons suggested it, I went for a shake-out one mile run this morning at 5 AM. I don't usually worry about a shake-out run if I have a busy day before a race, but I need all of the help I can get this time! Now I'll get my race stuff all together and I'll eat an early dinner of rice and chicken. Lights out at 9 PM!

How about you? Do you have any races coming up?


  1. Anonymous3/04/2016

    Have a fantastic race! I look forward to hearing all about it. I'm 6.5 weeks away from marathon #7 and checking off state #3 with the Boston Marathon! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    1. Congrats on making it to Boston - exciting!

  2. How exciting! I think it's wonderful you had a part in getting the race together. I have a RooSport Pocket I bought several years ago. I think they have changed slightly now (bigger). But, it's a great product. Good luck tomorrow!

    1. Thanks! I had never seen a RooSport before and thought that it was a new product. I'm glad to hear that you like yours.


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