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25K Brazos Bend Trail Race Report

What a great race day! The race started with high-fives from Rob Goyen, the race director, and ended with a hug from one of the other runners after I thanked him for helping me to run fast. He ran just ahead of me for miles and I tried to keep up with him. I only passed him because he stopped at an aid station.

Getting There: Easy drive!I live about an hour and a half away from Brazos Bend State Park, which is south of Houston.

Packet Pick-up: The Brazos Bend 50 mile, 50k, 25K and 10K had about 850 participants (a small race compared to many I've run) so packet pick-up on the morning of the race was fast. Rachel Goyen held my race shirt for me until after the race because I was afraid that there wasn't enough time for me to take the shirt back to my car before the race. Nice!

Weather: warm, windy, humid

Course: well-marked, flat 14.9 miles with a few rocky trails

Fuel Pre-race: waffles w/PB and syrup, banana, Gatorade at home, banana bread later (good thing I brought it for a snac…

2016 Running Goal & Veggies

Have you ever eaten roasted cauliflower? I topped my salad from Mod Pizza with cauliflower and so much more. At Mod Pizza, you go through a line and they make your salad or your pizza right before your eyes. My salad with lots of toppings only cost $4.87 and it was delicious, along with our pizza.

Weekly Recap

Friday: 45 min. ride
Saturday: 8 mile run, arms: weights (video)
Sunday: 45 min. ride, 6 mile run (6x800m), few minutes of body-weight cardio Fitness Blender workout video for people who get bored easily
Monday: 5 mile run (10 short hills and 5 stair flights), balance/core exercises
Tuesday: Upper Body Toning w/Weights (video)
Wednesday: 6 miles, core workout
Thursday: 10 minute circuit strength workout, 15mile run with last couple of miles at harder effort (pre-run: waffles and banana, during run: watered down juice): earphones died, but nature sounds are nice!

Totals: 40 miles of running, 2 rides and 6 other workouts

What's your favorite roasted vegetable? Here's a roasted vege…