12 Mile Run and Links You'll Like

A 12+ mile run - now that's a great way to start the weekend! I ran around the neighborhood and through the partially open park where I normally run. There's a lake there with water lilies.

Today's run of 12.5 miles was fueled by two pieces of toast with honey and an egg at about 4AM. I'm starting to naturally wake up about then every day since I started getting up earlier Tuesday through Friday. Early morning workouts are easier for me than afternoon workouts. How about you? I don't eat before my early runs - no time, but whether I ate or not didn't seem to make any difference.  

During today's run, I brought along some snacks I don't usually eat on the run -  a small amount of each: Sun Chips, pretzels, crispy M&M's and banana. No cramps or tummy troubles for me. I ate every 3 miles when I stopped at a water fountain.

I was glad when there was a bit of a breeze today to move around the suffocating feeling of the warm, humid air.

My Workouts this Week

Sunday: 8 mile easy run, 30 min. strength training (hips, arms, core video)
Monday: 16 mile run with last 4 miles faster after eating only 1 piece of toast with honey because I didn't set out to run so many miles, but it was fine, small snack during run: small cookie and salted raisins
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 7 mile run w/last 4 miles faster, PM: 30 min. strength training (back, arms, legs)
Thursday: 5 mile easy run
Friday:  30 min. strength training (15 in AM, 15 in PM - fitting it in when I can!), 30 min. ride
Saturday: 12.5 mile run (10:18/mi ave., last 1.5 miles faster: 9:25, 8:39)


Running miles: 48.5
Time on the bike: 30 min.
Strength training days: 3

My Fave Links of the Week

Long Training Runs on an Empty or Full Stomach What's your preference?
85 year old Ed Whitlock, who recently ran a half marathon in 1:50 thinks he should have been faster.
Recap of Running R2R2R (at the Grand Canyon) Laurie doesn't sugar-coat her epic adventure.
Out for a Run Podcast I listened to the show with new mom of 4 adopted older girls, Sara Hall, today.
Cocoa Pancakes Recipe - One of Sara and Ryan Hall's favorite recipes. I want to try this!


  1. Good job on the 12 miler! I can't wait till I'm running that far again.
    Your snacks sound good. I don't normally take anything other than a gel or sum clif blocks on a long run. Maybe I should start taking more? -M

    1. Lately, I haven't been fueling for runs of about 12 miles, but I wanted to see if it made a difference. No cramps at end of run today was a good change.

  2. Tina - great running log as usual. Feels good to kick start the weekend with a long run - great sense of accomplishment! I think toast and honey is a great snack before a run. I also love toast and peanut butter. Sometimes I eat before a morning run and sometimes I don't. As long as it's not more than 7, 8 miles it doesn't make a difference to me either. Hydration is super important though.If I'm not hydrated enough I have to stop my run early. I run at all times, but preferably in the morning but that's not always doable. Have a great Running Week Tina!

    1. I've run a few times later in the day after a long commute and it is so hard for me even when it's an "easy run". Knowing that makes rising early for some of my runs easier. It's all relative!

  3. Toast with honey.....hmmmmm, I'm tempted to try that! I cannot do gels (of any brand, organic or otherwise) anymore. I hate the chews/chomps/beans, too. The salted raisins also sound good!

    1. The salted raisins were good! Today I'm bringing salted dates on my long run.

  4. Great job on the 12 miler, and awesome pace those last few miles!!!!
    Love the picture of the lily! We just filled in our pond, which I will probably regret now thinking about the beautiful flower lilies we used to get mid summer here. Oh well, it's done now:)
    Great workout week!!!

  5. Thanks! Well, maybe you'll be able to plant flowers there now!

  6. Awesome job on your workouts this week. You are always doing fabulously.

    1. Thanks, Abby! I'm glad I've felt been able to keep up with my running even though life has gotten a little busier lately.

  7. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast! I really appreciate it and thank you for sharing with your readers!

    1. The podcast with Sara Hall was a great show!


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