Running and Drone Video!

For today's cool down, I walked my dog, Zoe, at the park behind our house. That's when we ran into my husband who was taking video of the partially flooded park. We had a lot of rain yesterday and the creek next to the park overflowed. The park still hasn't been restored after the last flood that we had!

I flew the drone, too - making it go higher, lower, to the left and right. It was very easy to fly and a lot of fun! The photo posted at the top of this post is one that I took while flying the drone. Here's a video my husband took with the drone of me running with Zoe, our Weimaraner.

Before the walk with Zoe, I had a three part workout. First, I did 30 minutes of strength training using my Sworkit abs & core app. Then I went for a 10 mile run. At first, I thought that the park was still closed after yesterday's flooding so I only ran in my neighborhood. I ended up staying in the neighborhood. To finish up, I went on a 30 minute bike ride. It's much easier to run and then ride rather than doing it the other way around. That reminds me of how tough triathlons are when you ride and then run.  

After my walk, I did some weeding and thinning of plants in my front yard. I saw a drone in the sky and waved at it, thinking it was my husband's. Then I walked inside and saw my husband there - he was not out flying his drone after all! Oh well, that drone owner will just think I'm one friendly stranger.

After my workout, I had yogurt topped with bananas, flax seeds, coconut and almonds along with an English muffin with almond butter and honey. I used My Fitness Pal to plan a meal with a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio (4:1 works, too), which was probably important after all of that exercising today.

My Workouts this Week

Sunday: 8 mile easy run, 30 min. strength training
Monday: 18 mile run at 10:31/mi ave. pace, I was glad that it didn't rain.
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 6 mile progression run, PM: 30 min. strength training
Thursday: 5 mile easy run
Friday:  rest
Saturday: 30 min. strength training10 mile run with 2nd half faster, 30 min. ride

Running miles: 47
Time on the bike: 60 min.
Strength training days: 3


  1. Great mileage this week! I've seen more drones in races lately too. I always look up and wave! I'd much prefer running and then riding. But I'm trying to decide whether I want to participate in a duathlon. It's tough.

    1. A duathlon - I'd like to do one! Someone waved at my husband's done when he flew over a race for a church who sponsored the race and the wave was one of my favorite parts so keep on waving!

  2. Too funny that you waved at a drone that wasn't yours. Then again, was it in your yard ?
    They are just starting to come to France. There was one at the wedding we were at this weekend, taking pictures.
    Congrats on your mileage, sounds like a good week. Sorry about the flooding. We have had so much rain here too. Its not fun.

    1. You can get some great pictures with drones. The drone was flying over our neighborhood - maybe to get some "park flood" pictures like my husband had done.

  3. Great job on your wk of workouts. I can see where riding after running is easier. After a run you just want to get off your feet. That's funny that you thought that was your husband's drone. Oh well, like you said, you were being friendly.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad I got the workouts done. It was a busy week!

  4. The photo and video are so cool! My husband has been wanting to get a drone. Funny that you waved to someone else's!

    1. I hope he's able to get a drone. It's fun to see the world from up high!

  5. Your mileage is mega! Great job ;-)

  6. I saw a drone at the last race I ran. They sure do catch some great footage. I have never spotted on in my yard lol I love how you can keep that mileage up week after week :) You will get your goal mileage for the year for sure!

  7. Great mileage! That drone video is so neat. It's cool that you find it easy to fly. I recently bought a cheap-o toy helicopter (just for inside use) and I still can't quite get the hang of it. I crash a lot :)


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