Garmin Vivofit HR GPS Watch Review from the Sidelines

I tried on the Garmin Vivofit HR GPS watch this week, but only because my husband got a new one. He said that one of the best features is that he can use it when he runs, bikes, swims, skis, snowboards, golfs, rows and paddle boards. He only runs and bikes, but if he ever wanted to do the other activities, he could track it. You never know when you just may take up golf, rowing or paddle boarding.

The watch also tracks your sitting. It's annoying when you're watching a movie, though. "Move!" flashed across the watch screen after he had been sitting for 30 minutes. I'm sure he fixed that setting right away.

Compared to the last Garmin watch I had, the Garmin Forerunner 220 (dead battery since Christmas Day 2015, kind of sad!), the Vivofit band is uncomfortable. That's too bad, but I might be tempted to get one just because it would be so much easier to use the watch for my emails than it is to have to look at my phone for them.

I'm really not too jealous. I'm glad that he has a new watch. There's nothing like a new GPS watch to make you want to get out there and run, snowboard or even ski. You never know when it might snow here in Houston.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: 14 mile run @ 10:57 mi. ave. pace, PM: 15 min. strength training, real feel temps: 86-94 - humid and warm!
Monday: 30
 min. bike ride, 8 mile easy run w/8 strides, 20 min. strength training 
Tuesday: 15 min. bike ride, 15 min. strength training 
Wednesday: 5 mile progression run 
Thursday: 5 mile easy run w/5 strides
Friday:  45 min. bike ride, 20 min. strength training: Identifying Movement Imbalances
Saturday: 8 mile run w/8 flights of stairs at finish (sunny and humid, I could not have done one more flight of stairs even if you tried to bribe me with some of those chocolate teff pancakes that Ryan and Sara Hall eat everyday)

Running miles: 40
Time on the bike: 90 min.
Strength training days: 3

Links I Liked This Week

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Interview of US 50 Mile Trail Championships Winner, Corrine Malcolm, Who Finished in 8:18

Coach Calum Neff Shares Benefits of High Mileage for Runners


  1. Anonymous6/18/2016

    I love my vivoactive, I do swim with it, and I don't find it at all uncomfortable -- and I'm pretty small boned.

    1. Great to hear it works well for swimming!

  2. I like that it tells you to "Move!" after 30 minutes of sitting!!! That watch sounds really great. My Garmin is 5 years old and I know the day is approaching when she's goim to give out on me 😛 There are so many choices in running watches now. Love the Garmins!

    Great mileage for this week too - especially in that heat and humidity 🙌

    1. Today my husband told me that he really doesn't mind the "Move" command - he doesn't see it very often! If I ever buy another GPS gadget, I'd want another Garmin since I already have Garmin Connect set up - a good way to see all of the details about each run online.

  3. That is a shame it isn't more comfy. I have the 225 now and it does the same thing - move!! lol and I get up and move. I got used to the size of it, it was uncomfortable at first because the 110 I had was prefect, but it is okay now.
    Great week of training! Steps are so tiring, good job :)

    1. This week I increased the stairs by 2 and ran up and down the stairs 10 times!

  4. I'm still running with an ancient, huge garmin :-) Wish this one was more comfy. I'm thinking about getting a super simple one next time because all I use it for is running.

    1. It's nice to have a GPS watch, but for now, I just use the free Strava app on my phone to track runs and rides. Since I always run with my phone anyway, it's convenient!

  5. Wow. 40 miles of running for the week? Yikes...I'd probably be on crutches if I attempted that LOL Isn't it a fun challenge doing stairs?

    1. It is fun to show myself that I can push myself even harder after a run and run the stairs, too!


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