Runners, Eat More Protein!

I need more protein. How about you? Everyone needs protein for muscle repair and synthesis. Non-athletes need to have 0.8.grams/kilograms/day of protein. 

Runners who run at least 30 miles a week need even more protein. Runner's World writer, Alex, writes about a new study showing that we should have 1.8 grams/kilograms/day of protein. For easy reference, 100 pounds is equal to about 45 kilograms. Multiply that by 1.8 and you get 81.

And this is important... Spread your protein out throughout the day. We can only utilize 20-30 grams at a time. That can be an incentive to eat only half of a large restaurant portion of food and to take half of it home.

Eggs, yogurt, lentils, fish and chicken are good protein sources. What are your favorite sources of protein? Homemade smoothies and Zoe's Kitchen turkey sandwiches (in photo) are two of my favorites.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: 16 mile run @10:46 mi. ave. pace w/last 3 miles pushing hard (a little faster than last week's 14 miles
 @ 10:57), pre-run: rice and egg, during run: 4 Fig Newtons and small portion of rice
Monday: Brick WO: 30 min. bike ride, 6 mile easy run w/10 stair climbs & exercised on park equipment 
Tuesday: 8 mile easy run w/8 strides
Wednesday: 30 min. bike ride, strength training: Identifying Movement Imbalances 
Thursday: 6 mile @10:31 mi. ave. pace, strength training
Friday:  rest
Saturday: 9 mile run 
@10:10 mi. ave. pace w/10 flights of stairs afterwards, pre-run: 1/2 toast w/PB & H, during run: 1 Fig Newton cookie (actually, a copy-cat brand found at Aldi store, tastes real!) at miles 3 and 6

Running miles: 45
Time on the bike: 60 min.
Strength training days: 3

5 Favorite Links of the Week

Power Balls Recipe from Fixer Upper TV Show Blog - This is a yummy way to eat more protein. I subbed raisins for chocolate chips and halved the honey. Eat alone or mixed into yogurt.

Cassie Places 3rd at Half Marathon She Ran as a Training Run!

Nathan Places 3rd at the Gamelands 50K Trail Race (16 miles - his longest training runs!)

Should You Exercise If You're Sore? If I'm not too sore, running makes me feel better/less sore.

Why Runner Tina Muir Started Drinking Coffee I can't remember when I started drinking coffee, but I found a post from late 2014 (I was about 49) where I wrote that I'm not much of a coffee drinker - so I'm sort of a newbie. Today I made some using a chocolate cherry K-cup that was really good.


  1. I enjoyed Tina Muir's link. I was a never a coffee drinker, until last year and that was scattered use. The past few I find myself enjoying more and more.
    Protein is so important! When I started having thyroid issues that was the first thing my endocrinologist identified, you need lots more protein...

    1. At first, she drank coffee 3 hours before runs - hard for early morning runners to do, but I might give it a shot before a long run to see if I feel better in the later miles. Thyroid issues for me, too, so interesting about what your dr said about the iron.

  2. I'm not a coffee drinker but I love frappes! Does that count?

  3. Anonymous6/26/2016

    I don't drink coffee. I don't even like the smell. And I'm 54!

  4. My diet could use an overhall. I have one cup of coffee in the morning for the caffeine...a necessity.

  5. Although i do not like coffe, it cannot deny the benefit of it. I al also a runner and i am similar to you - it drinks less coffee ^^


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