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The Tale of Two Runs: 15 Miles vs. 13 Miles

Don't worry. Reading this post will be a lot faster than reading a book! It was only a difference of two miles, but what a difference in how I felt for the two runs! 

Monday, I planned to run 16 miles, but since the end of my run turned into a "rest on a bench/run to the water fountain/rest again" workout, I called it a day at 15 miles. Maybe I was low on electrolytes because I was only drinking Powerade instead of a GU tablet dissolved in my water. I also ate some Fig Newtons, dates and potatoes.

Friday, I ran a much easier feeling 13 miles. Yeah, it was 2 miles shorter, but I felt so much better.During my run, I had a GU electrolyte tab, a vanilla GU gel and a salted caramel GU gel. Maybe gels are better utilized when my body is heat-stressed. 

A lot of times, we'll have a tough day and then the next time that we do a similar workout, everything's better! It may have been what I drank and ate, the fact that I was low on carbs the day before Monday's run, that …

Grit, Passion, Perseverance and Running

I just finished reading a great book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. There have been a couple of marathons and ultras, too, when I could have used some of the reminders covered in this book like not to dwell on negative thoughts. Don't give up during a tough mile or during the hot days of summer that we're dealing with now! I'd like to learn to be more gritty, but how do I do that?

4 Reasons That You Don't Persevere When the Going Gets Tough
You don't think you can succeed.You don't think it's important.You don't think it's worth it.You're bored.
4 Ways to Grow in Grit
Cultivate your interests.Develop a habit of challenging practice.Connect your work to a purpose beyond yourself. Keep hoping even when all seems lost.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday:Fit RV Bootcamp Video: Challenge #5 Plank Rainbows & Challenges 1-4, 30 min. bike ride, 5mile run. All completed by 7 am. After workout: Banana Oat Waffles for a twi…

My High Mileage Week: 45 Miles of Running!

I was able to run on the shaded park road today. It was a nice change for today's 10 mile run. It has been closed for a long time because of flooding from a creek. Here's one of the ducks that keeps me company when I'm at the park. This week, I also saw a opossum running along one of the streets near my house. After that, I ran in a different area in case it woke up on the wrong side of the road that day.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: Warmed up with part of a Total Body/Abs Video and leg swings, 6mile easy run at 6am
Monday:16 mile run at 5am; 45 minutes before run: cold oatmeal with coffee, brown sugar and almond butter mixed in, During run: GU electrolyte tab, salted banana, potatoes and dates; miles 11-15 were my fastest miles!
Tuesday:The Only 4 Strength-Training Exercises You Really Need
Wednesday: 7 mile run at 4am 
Thursday: 6mile run at 4am 
Friday: rest
Saturday:10 mile run at 5 am, 35 min. bike ride


Running miles: 45
Bike: 35 min.
Other Exercises: 2 times

5 Favorite Li…

Run Early to Beat the Heat!

Today's 9 mile run followed a few minutes of a HIIT workout, a good warm-up, and came before a 30 minute bike ride - a good cool-down!

Running in the Heat

Before my workout, I ate cold oatmeal mixed with coffee. I made it last night and put it in the refrigerator so that I could have a cold breakfast on this warm and humid morning. Last week, I forgot to do that and my hot oatmeal and hot coffee had me sweating even before I went outside. That's just part of life when you live in a humid location like I do, north of Houston. Hot summer runs may make us slower, but they make us stronger, too!

Run Early!

I woke up without an alarm at 4:30 today. That's good! When I start my run in the dark, I'm thankful later when the hot sun comes out. I got to see the pink clouds when the sun came up. Not only that, but I saw 16 deer. I was happy just to see the first two deer, but once I got to 16 I was hoping for an even 20. 

40 Miles of Running this Week!

Speaking of even, I got in an eve…

How I Make Sure I Run on Busy Days

Since I've been busier during the week lately, I have to work harder to make sure I run on busy days. I've had to start some of my workouts at 4 in the morning. That's early, but running is my favorite exercise and sometimes that's the best time of the day to fit in a run.

I've gotten used to waking up early and naps, like the one I just took, help. I often wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off. I was afraid I'd dread the early morning workouts, but I don't. Since it's so hot, getting my workout finished before the sun is beating down on me is a real plus!

3 Tips for Waking Up Early

Go to sleep early.Don't hit snooze. Just get up and get moving.Remind yourself that you'll get used to it.
I'm not registered for any races right now so, but I'm considering a 50K or 50 miler later this year or in 2017 like Rocky Raccoon or Brazos Bend, both in Texas near Houston and close to home. 

My Most Recent Ultras

Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoac…