Grit, Passion, Perseverance and Running

I just finished reading a great book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. There have been a couple of marathons and ultras, too, when I could have used some of the reminders covered in this book like not to dwell on negative thoughts. Don't give up during a tough mile or during the hot days of summer that we're dealing with now! I'd like to learn to be more gritty, but how do I do that?

4 Reasons That You Don't Persevere When the Going Gets Tough
  • You don't think you can succeed.
  • You don't think it's important.
  • You don't think it's worth it.
  • You're bored.

4 Ways to Grow in Grit
  • Cultivate your interests.
  • Develop a habit of challenging practice.
  • Connect your work to a purpose beyond yourself. 
  • Keep hoping even when all seems lost.

I Spied a Turtle Today - My 10th Mile

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: Fit RV Bootcamp Video: Challenge #5 Plank Rainbows & Challenges 1-4
, 30 min. bike ride, 5 mile run. All completed by 7 am. After workout: Banana Oat Waffles for a twist on the usual oatmeal in a bowl!
Monday: 18 mile run at 5am; 45 minutes before run: cold (because it's hot outside!) oatmeal with coffee, banana and almond butter mixed in, During run: GU electrolyte tabJustin's vanilla almond butter and chopped dates; The last mile was my fastest mile!
Tuesday: 30 min. bike ride
Wednesday: 5
 mile run at 4am, Get Stronger to Run Faster Body Weight WO part 1
Thursday: 7 mile progession run at 4am
Friday: 5 mile run at 4am
Get Stronger to Run Faster Body Weight WO part 2 and

10 mile run (after 2 mile w/u, 1/2 mile repeats at hard/easy effort)

Today's 10 miler was hard, but I liked the workout. Knowing that I was finishing up a high mileage week encouraged me (I'm running my 48th, 49th, 50th mile thoughts ran through my head) while the sweat dripped down my face. Also, the hard/easy effort run gave me a break every half mile. I was able to push myself during the hard effort segments because I knew that I'd be able to run easy when I finished.


Running Miles: 50
Bike: 1 hour
Strength Training Sessions: 3 

Favorite Links of the Week

Erin Dawson-Chalat Aims to Break 3:00 in the Marathon 55 year old doctor works 90 hours and runs 60-70 miles a week!

Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure 


  1. Ha, the theme of our High School's graduation this yer was Grit and Perseverance!

  2. What a strong week! Thanks for the reminders about not giving up.. We all need that sometimes!

    1. I know I do - especially during the summer!

  3. Great week! I had my 18 miler this week too, but my total miles was only 38 :) This coming week is a cutback week and I m ready for one! I need to start doing cold oatmeal

    1. I had cold overnight oats after today's run with milk, apples, cinnamon, molasses and PB mixed in. So good!

    2. I had cold overnight oats after today's run with milk, apples, cinnamon, molasses and PB mixed in. So good!

  4. Anonymous7/24/2016

    I just shake my head at that kind of mileage. Can't even imagine it.

    1. I might have the opportunity to race a long race this fall. Wanna be ready!

  5. Nice mileage last week! I've been trying to work on my mental toughness this year too. That book sounds like it would be really interesting.

    1. Tried to be gritty today- hard, hot 15 miler. Feels so good to be finished!

  6. Congrats on the 50 mile week! That is a a great way to enjoy those miles, acknowledging them as they happen :)
    Beautiful path above :)

    1. Thanks! I see that path every day, but it's the first time that I stopped to really look at it and to take a picture of it.

  7. I've never had a 50 mile week -- so impressed!! I'm definitely guilty of giving up on runs because I'm bored or I don't think it's important. I like the tips for getting around that.

    1. Thank you! I need the last tip about hope pounded into my brain! Not giving up is something I have to work on again and again - especially when I'm worn out towards the end of a hot run.

  8. Oh my goodness - I've never come anywhere close to a 50-miles week. Sometimes I don't even run 50 miles in an entire month! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on getting it done!!! You had a FANTASTIC training week!

    I love the list of 4 reasons why we don't persevere when the going gets tough. Reason #1 is by far the biggest, most common one for me. It's so hard to get past that mental block!

    1. Oh yeah, thinking I can't succeed is a big one for me, too!


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