The Tale of Two Runs: 15 Miles vs. 13 Miles

Don't worry. Reading this post will be a lot faster than reading a book! It was only a difference of two miles, but what a difference in how I felt for the two runs! 

Monday, I planned to run 16 miles, but since the end of my run turned into a "rest on a bench/run to the water fountain/rest again" workout, I called it a day at 15 miles. Maybe I was low on electrolytes because I was only drinking Powerade instead of a GU tablet dissolved in my water. I also ate some Fig Newtons, dates and potatoes.

Friday, I ran a much easier feeling 13 miles. Yeah, it was 2 miles shorter, but I felt so much better. During my run, I had a GU electrolyte tab, a vanilla GU gel and a salted caramel GU gel. Maybe gels are better utilized when my body is heat-stressed. 

A lot of times, we'll have a tough day and then the next time that we do a similar workout, everything's better! It may have been what I drank and ate, the fact that I was low on carbs the day before Monday's run, that I wasn't trying to push especially hard at the end of the 13 miler after such a hard 15 miler or that Monday was just an "off" day. I hope your runs this week are more like my 13 miler!

(Photo: Blue Heron on lake on my running route. Texas living!)

Last Week's Running Miles Plus Cycling and ST

8 miles, 30 min. ride, ST

Monday: 15 miles 

Tuesday: 1 hour 

Wednesday: miles, ST

Thursday: 7 miles 

Friday: 13 miles, ST
Saturday: 1 hour


Running Miles: 52
Cycling: 2.5 hours

Strength Training Sessions (ST): 3 

5 Favorite Links of the Week

Coach Deb Answers My Run Faster Question! Read this for tips for getting faster. Have any tips you want to share? Leave me a comment!

0.03 Seconds For those of us who sometimes miss our goals! Amanda Eccleston placed 4th in the Olympic Team Trials 1,500m race

Sally McRae on Training Your Mind and Racing Against Yourself The further you go, the stronger you get! This hour long interview will benefit all runners, not just ultrarunners. A tip from her coach, Ann Trason: take care of yourself!

Fast Cory's 135 Mile Race Recap  You just may want to sign up to race Badwater after you read this! Me? Not so much!

Caffeine: The Performance Enhancer in Your Kitchen I've started drinking coffee before key runs like the 15 and 13 milers this week. How about you?


  1. I had a similar experience. I'd never felt so bad after last week's 15 miler as I did that day. I was so dizzy I could barely walk. If I was racing it would've been a DNF for sure. This week was SO much better. Turns out I got sloppy with my fuel and simply didn't take in enough calories. I should know better.

    1. I don't think I ate enough either. Live & learn!

  2. Great point that sometimes two similar runs can feel so dramatically different. I've had that happen several times in training, often in the same week just as you did.

    I also loved 0.03 seconds - what a great article!

    1. It was a good article! I need to read it again!

  3. I think food/drink make a big difference in runs. I'm still loving your milage! I ran about that many miles in all of July haha - I'm going to check out that ROO interview. Thanks for linking!

    1. Sally's article on ROO - worth a listen!

  4. Isn't it amazing how differently two runs can go? Rest, fuel, and weather can all make such a huge impact on how we feel. Glad you ended the week with a better run.

    Here in Virginia our Great Blue Heron are gray instead of blue.


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