Run Fast. Eat Slow & My 15 Miler

I ran 15 miles yesterday. Before the run, I had overnight oats and cold coffee - favorites on hot days. To my oats, I added banana, coconut oil and coffee vanilla peanut butter. During the run, I had Gatorade and fig bar cookies. I saw a gorgeous pink sunrise and lily pads, which are pictured because the sunrise was gone before I knew it.

Meb's Olympic Marathon Finish

I finished with faster miles and then some push-ups - because of Meb! I've run 18 marathons plus other races, too, but it still helps to see that even a pro has to deal with problems. You never know what race day will hold, no matter how much you train and prepare. It's the challenge that makes races worth doing. (Here's my review of his book Meb for Mortals.)

Run Fast. Eat Slow

The recipe for the peanut butter mixture that I added to my oatmeal is in the new Run Fast. Eat Slow book by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky, which I bought and read this week. I made a quick version of their peanut butter by adding 1 teaspoon instant coffee, 1/2 teaspoon honey and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla to 1 tablespoon store-bought natural peanut butter. I also liked it with 1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder added. 

In the book, there's a mix of simple recipes like granola and more complicated ones like lasagna. The book includes the reasons behind using many of the ingredients along with gluten-free and dairy-free options. Besides recipes, they included tips on what to eat depending on whether you are stressed, want to prevent anemia, are about to go on a run and more.

I'm looking forward to trying the green tea apple smoothie, the recovery quinoa salad and the double chocolate teff cookies since I know that I like Ryan and Sara Hall's teff chocolate pancakes

Have you tried any new recipes or foods lately? I just found some delicious pumpkin chai tea on sale and just in time for fall. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather that fall will bring.

Exercising for the Week of 8/20-8/26

Saturday: 1 hr bike ride, upper body/arm exercises
Sunday: 10 mile run
Monday: 5 mile run, 30 min bike ride, full-body exercises: planks, etc. 
Tuesday: 8 
mile run
Wednesday: exercises like push-ups, v-ups, Russian twists

Thursday: 15 mile run
Friday: 10 mile run, strength training: full body

Running Miles: 48


  1. How are the recipes in the book? Are they time-consuming or pretty approachable? I don't usually have much time too cook after work, but perhaps it would be a great addition to Sunday meal prep.

    1. There's a mix of quick to fix and time-consuming recipes. I'll be trying the quick ones first!

  2. I like you were Meb inspired to do push ups :) It is inspiring to see you going strong with the mileage.

    1. Thanks! I'd be surprised if we don't start seeing people do push-ups at finish lines of marathons now!

  3. The green tea apple smoothie sounds good. I recently bought some fun flavored Protein powder so I can make some healthy shakes!

    1. I need a green apple! I used strawberry cream EAS protein powder today after a bike ride. Even mixed with only water, I liked it - unusual for me.

  4. Great week of training, Tina! I also really like how there is a lot of explanation about why certain ingredients were selected, etc. in the Run Fast. Eat. Slow. cookbook. Makes you realize fueling right really is a science!

    1. Thank you! Because of the information about the ingredients like that nut butter will help you absorb fat-soluble nutrients, I enjoyed reading the whole cookbook front to back.


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