My 14 Mile Cookie Run

I ran 14 miles today in my new running shoes. It wasn't too risky to do a long run in new shoes since they're the third pair of the same model I've worn and liked - the Mizuno Wave Kazan trail shoe. There could have been a problem unique to that pair, but I was close to home and knew that I could trade them for another pair if I had a problem. No problems, though!

Water & Wave Kazan Shoes
I ran in my neighborhood for the first 7 miles because it was dark. I stopped every couple of miles for a drink from my water bottle sitting on my front porch. I had a GU electrolyte tab in my water for the sodium. It was warm during my run (about 75 degrees, but it felt more like 85) and I was thankful for the light breeze.

I ate two fig cookies after running 8 miles. I brought raisins, but I didn't eat them. Before the run, I had coffee, yogurt and a pop-tart. After the run, I had chocolate milk and oatmeal with a banana.

After my run, I stopped at the stairs and ran up them 10 times. Last time I only ran up 5 times so either it was good to push myself or I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

This Week's Running (a cut-back week):
0, 10, 8, 0, 5, 0, 14

I hope you have a great week of running!


  1. Love the shoes! Stairs at the end of a run - awesome :)

    1. And the stair work didn't hurt me - today I was able to run 8 miles!

  2. Glad to hear you didn't have any problems with the new shoes on your long run. After a run I always wait for the elevator to get to my third floor condo, no stairs for me. I just got done running. Haha. So good job on those stairs.

    1. And after a run, most of us look for the closest parking space even when we chose to run for miles that same day!

  3. I bet the stairs gave you a bit of a cool-down for your legs! Great job on all your mileage!

    1. Thanks, I'm happy to be increasing the miles lately!


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