Sweet 16 Mile Run


I ran my longest run of the week, a 16 miler, yesterday. Even though it still hasn't cooled down here in Texas, it wasn't a difficult run. The only thing I would change is my fuel. 16 miles on Gatorade left me feeling tired of sweetness. 

The next time I go on a long run, I'll drink water or bring some non-sweet food in order to give my taste buds a change. With lots of sugar keeping me going, I didn't run low on energy, though. I ran the second half of my run the fastest.

How I fueled my 3 hour 16 mile run:
  • Gatorade (36 oz.)
  • Fig cookies (2 at miles 4 and 8)
  • M&M's (5 at miles 12 and 13)

Today I ran 11 miles. Why a slightly longer run right after a long run? Because I'm training for a 50K held in 7 weeks - the Pass Mountain 50k trail race in Mesa, Arizona!

How I Exercised this Week 

Monday: 10 mile run with 10 hills, dumbbell workout plus squats/push-ups/wall sits
Tuesday: 6 
mile run with strides

Wednesday: 9 mile run, 20 min. of other exercises like squats/dumbbell workout
Thursday: mile run with 5 (30 sec.) strides35 min. bike ride
Friday: 16 mile run
Saturday: 11 mile run, dumbbells workout

Total Running: 56 miles


  1. I trained for my marathon with tailwind and never got tired of it until I ran the marathon and I was so sick of the sweetness! Looks like you had a great training week!

    1. Thanks! You might like the Tailwind flavor that is supposed to be flavor-free. The unflavored has a bit of a taste to it, but because of the light taste it would probably be a good choice for a long run.

  2. Great wk! I thought I did good running 20 miles the other day but didn't run the following day. I had water and Nuun w me and that was perfect

    1. That's great that just Nuun and water got you through 20 miles - easy planning with just the tablets!

  3. Negative split - that's the way to do it! Great run and great week of training :)

    1. It's always a confidence booster to sped up after a few miles. I read that New Balance is giving runners who negative split a marathon some shoes. Nice!


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