25 Mile Run: Overcoming Problems

I ran 25 miles yesterday. I had a couple of minor problems, but I want those to show up in training instead of during my race. Race day is only 3 weeks away, on November 12. I'm signed up for a 50K trail race - the Pass Mountain 50K Trail Race in Mesa, Arizona, which is near Phoenix. From what I've read, I need to watch out for bees and rattle snakes at the park where the race takes place. 

25 Miler - The Good

1. Nutrition

Before run: 4 hours pre-run (3 hours pre-run would have been fine, but I woke up at 1:30 so I ate then, fell asleep again until 5): Glukos Peanut Butter Bar (tastes like a date bar), 30 minutes pre-run: 1/2 banana

During run: The Glukos drink powder, 8 fig cookies from Aldi store (98 cents/pkg!), 2 PowerGels (the gels have a thinner consistency than Gu gels), 8 peanut M&M's and 1/2 banana kept me feeling strong without any stomach troubles or cramps of any kind. I ate about 200 calories/45 carbohydrates an hour. It sounds like a lot of food, but I'm preparing my stomach for race day.

After the run: Vitargo sent me a sample of the unflavored S2, which reminds me of glue when I mix it with a liquid. It takes on the flavor of whatever you mix it with so mix it with something you like. Read about it here: 10 Tips for Recovery from Ultra Champ Michael Wardian.

2. Cooler Texas weather!

 So Many Choices: Running Fuel

The Bad

1. For a while, I didn't know my mileage. I think my Strava app was disrupted because of an internet attack (seriously!). The app showed me taking 20-30 minutes to run miles 12 and 13. Wrong! I thought I'd have to resort to just running by time and I thought I could do that since I had a clock on my phone. 

2. But then at mile 22 1/2, my phone alerted me to a dying battery. Fortunately, it died just as I hit 25 miles. Unfortunately, it died before I hit stop on the app. The run took about 4 1/2 hours, but Strava makes it look like it took 5 1/4 hours. 

Overcoming Problems

1. Although I planned to eat 200 calories every 5 miles, I don't need to know my mileage to know it's time for a snack. I can feel it - low energy, negative thoughts or just a feeling of hunger.

2. If the Strava app stops working, I will estimate the time needed that day and run by time. 

This Week: 65 Miles (Before most runs: core workout)

12 mile run with hill repeats on dirt trail, strength training: arms
Tuesday: 8 mile run
Wednesday: 10 mile run (6x1/2 miles), strength training: arms 
Thursday: rest

25 mile run
Saturday: 10 mile run

Everything worked out - I worked though a couple of problems and completed the 25 mile run. Now it's taper time!


  1. Sorry there was some trouble with your app. I hate when I don't get accurate stats on my run.
    You are doing so well. I wish my nutrition was as good as yours. That is one thing I always struggle with! -M

    1. Thanks! I'll probably use GU gels at the 50K, but I wanted to try the other foods - I might see them during the race. The banana was one of my favorites.

  2. Tech fails are such a bummer! That is a great long run :) I am impressed with how you always try different things. I have not figured out fueling as well as I hoped! My race is the same day :)

    1. Exciting - only 20 days until our races now! some people can get by on hardly any food, but not most. If solid food doesn't work, you might try drinks in a hydration belt. I hope you find out what works soon!

  3. What a great last week of training! Overall impressive mileage and great workouts and long run. Welcome to taper'

  4. Thanks, taper will give me some extra time to cross train!

  5. I'm very impressed you awoke at 1:30 to eat and could go back to sleep! I've never used Strava. I assume it's normally pretty accurate? I hope you enjoy your taper and also that you will not encounter any bees or snakes during your race!

    1. At least I'm usually the first to spot snakes on the trail! Even though I've seen early eating suggested for digestion, I didn't feel any better than usual. I read for a bit, too - that made me drowsy enough to fall asleep. No Strava app problems before. Hopefully, that's the last one!

  6. Uber frustrating when my watch dies on me!!! I'm always trying to make sure it's charged!

    1. Me, too! I need longer lasting batteries on everything!


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