45 Mile Week with New Running Belt

Do you wear a running belt? I bought the Foot Forward Running Belt for $17 because my old running belt has a small hole in it and I was tired of placing my phone in a baggy to protect it from sweat. After wearing my new belt for a week, here's what I think about it. 

What I Like About My Running Belt 
Two Pockets: gels in one pocket and my phone in another
Sweatproof pockets: Good-bye, plastic baggies!
Comfortable on my waist

How I'd Improve It
I bought it to use as a hip belt, but when I wear it on my hips, it rides up to my waist.
A headphone port would be a plus.

13 Mile Progression Run

Yesterday's 13 mile run was a fun progression run. I started out easy, not worrying about my pace. After three miles, I tried to pick up the speed and I was able to do it. After that, I tried to increase my pace by 15 seconds every 3 miles.  Although the splits weren't 15 seconds faster on-the-dot, I was able to speed up over the run and that made me a happy runner. 

I only know my split times every half mile because I only use the Strava app so I run often by feel. My first mile was at a 11:37/mi. pace and the last 3 miles: 10:12, 10:05 and 9:25/mi. pace. It took 2 hours 22 minutes.

This Week's Exercises 

I ran 45 miles this week after running 65 miles last week.

10 mile run with hill repeats until the sandy hill started irritating my foot, then sprints (some with my husband, which was fun), strength training: arms
Tuesday: mile run, no foot troubles today 
Wednesday: 9 mile run, strength training: arms 
Thursday: rest

13 mile progression run on Glukos drink, Upper Body WO Video
Saturday: 7 mile run

Before each run: ABC Core WO Video

Total Running Miles: 45 miles 


  1. I only wear a fuel belt if I have to carry water and gels, which thankfully is not often with my skirts that have pockets. I have another belt, but like yours it rides up, so I'm not crazy about wearing it. Great job on your progression run! Sounds like you're ready for the 50K.

    1. Skirts and shorts with pockets are the best!

  2. I still haven't found a belt that will stay on my hips. But, I've found I prefer to wear them while cycling instead of running. How exciting to see you will be running another 50K soon.

    1. Oh, good, I'm not the only one!

  3. You've done a months work of running in two weeks :) You are too awesome!
    I do have a belt I love because it will stay low. A Camden wide band belt. I also have one similar to yours... two pockets is really nice.

    1. The belt sounds great! Not until I had 2 pockets did I know how nice it is to keep my phone separate from my other items.

  4. Just reading about all those miles you completed that week is making me tired.Great job! That is a great deal for a running belt. My problem with finding a belt is one that doesn't ride up.

    1. Thanks! I guess it's a common problem.


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