Yosemite Running and Hiking

After I ran the Pass Mountain 50K Trail Race in Arizona, we headed to California. We stayed in our RV at Yosemite National Park. I ran in the mornings and we hiked afterwards. One day we set out for an easy/intermediate hiking day, but after running into a Park intern who told us that we were on the wrong trail, we turned around and headed up another 1,000 feet for a total of about 2,000 feet elevation climb. That meant we not only hiked to Vernal Falls, but to Nevada Falls, too. That was a 9 mile and 6 hour hiking day. It's a good thing that we brought extra food!

Nevada Falls - So Far Away, But Our Destination After All

Vernal Falls

Lower Falls with My Husband
The following photos were taken on my early morning runs of about 4 miles to 9 miles long.

Mirror Lake

El Capitan
I ran through rain, on the icy trails and in the woods long before the crowds were awake. I loved it!


  1. These pictures are fantastic! What a great time you had there! I just LOVE Yosemite! I assume it's too early for snow up there? We hiked all of these places you mentioned and the beauty is just majestic!

    1. I could see snow on the mountain tops. Today I woke up to a winter wonderland! It snowed overnight in Flagstaff where we are today.

  2. This is beautiful! What is the weather like there?

    1. The first morning that I was there, I ran in 20* chilliness, but it was a little warmer on the other days... Thankfully! I even ran comfortably without a jacket and gloves (some mornings).

  3. Stunnnnnning! and you did all that climbing after your 50K!?You go Tina :) You are the energizer bunny.

    1. Ha, ha! Thanks, Karen! I kept wondering if my legs would give out, but I knew I needed to take advantage of my chance to hike and run in the mountains.


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