Saturday, April 16, 2016

25K Brazos Bend Trail Race Report

What a great race day! The race started with high-fives from Rob Goyen, the race director, and ended with a hug from one of the other runners after I thanked him for helping me to run fast. He ran just ahead of me for miles and I tried to keep up with him. I only passed him because he stopped at an aid station.

Getting There: Easy drive! I live about an hour and a half away from Brazos Bend State Park, which is south of Houston.

Packet Pick-up: The Brazos Bend 50 mile, 50k, 25K and 10K had about 850 participants (a small race compared to many I've run) so packet pick-up on the morning of the race was fast. Rachel Goyen held my race shirt for me until after the race because I was afraid that there wasn't enough time for me to take the shirt back to my car before the race. Nice!

Weather: warm, windy, humid

Course: well-marked, flat 14.9 miles with a few rocky trails

Fuel Pre-race: waffles w/PB and syrup, banana, Gatorade at home, banana bread later (good thing I brought it for a snack to eat after the race!)

Race Director's Pre-race Talk

Fuel During the Race: I brought apple Gatorade and a Root Beer GU gel. From the aid stations, I had Coke, the yummiest lemon cake and Fig Newton cookies. Have you ever stuffed your mouth with two of those at once? Don't try this at home.

Fuel Post-race: It might be easier to write what I did not eat! There was lots to choose from at the aid station (AS) at the finish. I had a Gatorade slush (nice and cold!), Fig Newtons, peanut M&M's, a PB & J sandwich, grape soda, pickles and pretzels (a guy dressed like Waldo reminded me to take in some salt. I hate it when my feet cramp while I'm driving home from a race. No cramps today. Thanks, Waldo!) In the car, I drank the chocolate milk that I had brought because, you know, I hadn't had enough to eat yet.

Gear: Since my Garmin battery broke on Christmas morning (so sad), I've been using my Strava app to record runs. Worked fine today except that everyone around me had to hear my splits... My earbuds recently broke. Everything's breaking! New earbuds arrive today.

How many gators did I see? I saw one alligator after someone yelled out that he was in the water beside the trail. I would have missed it if she hadn't called out and I would have been so disappointed.

Later, the 50K winner, Cal, tweeted that he saw 2 gators and one snake. Score! After I saw my first gator, I looked and looked for another - nada! (Check out Cal's Twitter page for running inspiration!)

My Finish: I came in 3rd for female masters runners with a time of 2:30. I forgot to check to see if I placed before I left the park so I don't know if I won anything. That's okay, though, I'm just a little bit happy to have placed. Update: only awards given to the top 2, which makes me glad. I didn't miss anything!

This was my third race at the Brazos Bend State Park south of Houston. Here are my race reports from those races:

4/25/15 50 Mile Race Report
4/27/14 25K Race Report

You just can't beat running a race in the woods (and not getting lost) with friendly people while stuffing your face with cookies and counting gators!

Update: The top photo shows two other 25K runners, 79 year old Zhen Lui and his son. I want to be running when I'm 79!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Running Goal & Veggies

Have you ever eaten roasted cauliflower? I topped my salad from Mod Pizza with cauliflower and so much more. At Mod Pizza, you go through a line and they make your salad or your pizza right before your eyes. My salad with lots of toppings only cost $4.87 and it was delicious, along with our pizza.

Weekly Recap

Friday: 45 min. ride
Saturday: 8 mile run, arms: weights (video)
Sunday: 45 min. ride, 6 mile run (6x800m), few minutes of body-weight cardio Fitness Blender workout video for people who get bored easily
Monday: 5 mile run (10 short hills and 5 stair flights), balance/core exercises
Tuesday: Upper Body Toning w/Weights (video)
Wednesday: 6 miles, core workout
Thursday: 10 minute circuit strength workout, 15 mile run with last couple of miles at harder effort (pre-run: waffles and banana, during run: watered down juice): earphones died, but nature sounds are nice!

Totals: 40 miles of running, 2 rides and 6 other workouts

What's your favorite roasted vegetable? Here's a roasted vegetable post with helpful cooking times. After my yummy salad, I can't wait to buy and roast some cauliflower at home.

What is one of your goals for running in 2016? I ended the week with 520 miles of running in 2016. I'm on track for 2,016 miles in 2016!

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