Saturday, June 25, 2016

Runners, Eat More Protein!

I need more protein. How about you? Everyone needs protein for muscle repair and synthesis. Non-athletes need to have 0.8.grams/kilograms/day of protein. 

Runners who run at least 30 miles a week need even more protein. Runner's World writer, Alex, writes about a new study showing that we should have 1.8 grams/kilograms/day of protein. For easy reference, 100 pounds is equal to about 45 kilograms. Multiply that by 1.8 and you get 81.

And this is important... Spread your protein out throughout the day. We can only utilize 20-30 grams at a time. That can be an incentive to eat only half of a large restaurant portion of food and to take half of it home.

Eggs, yogurt, lentils, fish and chicken are good protein sources. What are your favorite sources of protein? Homemade smoothies and Zoe's Kitchen turkey sandwiches (in photo) are two of my favorites.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: 16 mile run @10:46 mi. ave. pace w/last 3 miles pushing hard (a little faster than last week's 14 miles
 @ 10:57), pre-run: rice and egg, during run: 4 Fig Newtons and small portion of rice
Monday: Brick WO: 30 min. bike ride, 6 mile easy run w/10 stair climbs & exercised on park equipment 
Tuesday: 8 mile easy run w/8 strides
Wednesday: 30 min. bike ride, strength training: Identifying Movement Imbalances 
Thursday: 6 mile @10:31 mi. ave. pace, strength training
Friday:  rest
Saturday: 9 mile run 
@10:10 mi. ave. pace w/10 flights of stairs afterwards, pre-run: 1/2 toast w/PB & H, during run: 1 Fig Newton cookie (actually, a copy-cat brand found at Aldi store, tastes real!) at miles 3 and 6

Running miles: 45
Time on the bike: 60 min.
Strength training days: 3

5 Favorite Links of the Week

Power Balls Recipe from Fixer Upper TV Show Blog - This is a yummy way to eat more protein. I subbed raisins for chocolate chips and halved the honey. Eat alone or mixed into yogurt.

Cassie Places 3rd at Half Marathon She Ran as a Training Run!

Nathan Places 3rd at the Gamelands 50K Trail Race (16 miles - his longest training runs!)

Should You Exercise If You're Sore? If I'm not too sore, running makes me feel better/less sore.

Why Runner Tina Muir Started Drinking Coffee I can't remember when I started drinking coffee, but I found a post from late 2014 (I was about 49) where I wrote that I'm not much of a coffee drinker - so I'm sort of a newbie. Today I made some using a chocolate cherry K-cup that was really good.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Garmin Vivofit HR GPS Watch Review from the Sidelines

I tried on the Garmin Vivofit HR GPS watch this week, but only because my husband got a new one. He said that one of the best features is that he can use it when he runs, bikes, swims, skis, snowboards, golfs, rows and paddle boards. He only runs and bikes, but if he ever wanted to do the other activities, he could track it. You never know when you just may take up golf, rowing or paddle boarding.

The watch also tracks your sitting. It's annoying when you're watching a movie, though. "Move!" flashed across the watch screen after he had been sitting for 30 minutes. I'm sure he fixed that setting right away.

Compared to the last Garmin watch I had, the Garmin Forerunner 220 (dead battery since Christmas Day 2015, kind of sad!), the Vivofit band is uncomfortable. That's too bad, but I might be tempted to get one just because it would be so much easier to use the watch for my emails than it is to have to look at my phone for them.

I'm really not too jealous. I'm glad that he has a new watch. There's nothing like a new GPS watch to make you want to get out there and run, snowboard or even ski. You never know when it might snow here in Houston.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: 14 mile run @ 10:57 mi. ave. pace, PM: 15 min. strength training, real feel temps: 86-94 - humid and warm!
Monday: 30
 min. bike ride, 8 mile easy run w/8 strides, 20 min. strength training 
Tuesday: 15 min. bike ride, 15 min. strength training 
Wednesday: 5 mile progression run 
Thursday: 5 mile easy run w/5 strides
Friday:  45 min. bike ride, 20 min. strength training: Identifying Movement Imbalances
Saturday: 8 mile run w/8 flights of stairs at finish (sunny and humid, I could not have done one more flight of stairs even if you tried to bribe me with some of those chocolate teff pancakes that Ryan and Sara Hall eat everyday)

Running miles: 40
Time on the bike: 90 min.
Strength training days: 3

Links I Liked This Week

Sabrina Little Places 2nd at 50 Mile Trail Race

Interview of US 50 Mile Trail Championships Winner, Corrine Malcolm, Who Finished in 8:18

Coach Calum Neff Shares Benefits of High Mileage for Runners

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Brick Workout Today

I completed a brick workout today. I rode my bike for 30 minutes and then I ran 6 miles. It was nearly a perfect progression run. With a progression run, you run each mile faster than the one before. Here are my mile splits: 10:47, 10:30, 10:13, 10:09, 10:16, 9:28.

Usually, my legs are dead after riding, but today they didn't feel as heavy as usual and they even found some speed at the end. The air was muggy like soup here in the Houston area, but I'm glad I get to run early - before the sun was shining and heating things up even more.

I ate most of my cup of oatmeal before the workout and then after the workout, finished it up with some yogurt mixed in. I used My Fitness Pal to get the suggested 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein (4:1 works, too). I like to add molasses for the added iron and sweetness. My breakfast was nearly the same as Shalane Flanagan’s Race Day Breakfast.

My Workouts This Week

Sunday: 12 mile progression run @ 10:09 mi. ave. pace; 1st mile to last mile- 11:18-9:14 (after 14 mile run the day before @10:58 pace); post-run fuel: chocolate pancakes; PM: 15 min. strength training 
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 8 mile easy run w/5 strides10 min. strength training 
Wednesday: 5 mile progression run 
Thursday: 5 mile easy run, 10 min. strength training 
Friday:  rest
Saturday: Brick Workout: 30 min. bike ride, 6 mile progression run w/5 flights of stairs finish

Running miles: 36
Time on the bike: 30 min.
Strength training days: 3

Saturday, June 4, 2016

14 Mile Post-run Fuel: The Hall's Chocolate Teff Pancakes

I made chocolate teff pancakes when I finished today's 14 mile run. The recipe is fast to put together so I didn't have to wait long until my belly was full of the good stuff. I topped mine with almond butter. Bananas would be good, too. Here's Sara and Ryan Hall's recipe for chocolate teff pancakes. I like to mix all of the dry ingredients together and store it until I'm ready to eat them. Then I add water, stir and cook. So easy!

Half the recipe makes 3 pancakes (see photo): 1/4 cup teff flour, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 1/2 Tb. cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, dash of salt and stevia to taste. Add water until it's the consistency of pancakes. 

Teff flour is high in iron and fiber. I found it at the HEB grocery store (found in Texas) and when I went shopping, I even found a coupon at the store. You can also find teff flour at Amazon. Next, I'm making teff hot cereal (cook it like oats) and these mint teff refrigerator cookies!

I wasn't sure how much running I'd get to do this morning. Thunder storms were predicted and two of this week's workouts were shortened because of storms so I was focused on staying flexible. There was a gentle rain for the entire run, but no thunder or lightning and that was great. I ran as far as I wanted to today. Plus, I ran into a friend!  

My Workouts this Week

Sunday: 8 mile easy run (saw a snake: see photo, but don't be fooled by the stick; deer, turtles, great blue herons, Cardinals), 15 min. strength training 
Monday: 9 mile run (cut my long run short - sore ankle, probably no big deal)
Tuesday: 1 hr bike ride, PM: 15 min. strength training (ankle is fine!)
Wednesday: 6 mile progression run (saw opposum!), PM: 15 min. bike ride (stopped because of storm)
Thursday: 3 mile easy run (stopped because of storm)
Friday:  30 min. bike ride, PM: 15 min. strength training
Saturday:  14 mile run

Running miles: 40 (just like last week)
Time on the bike: 1 hr. 45 min.
Strength training days: 3
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