Friday, September 30, 2016

Prepping for 50K: 20 Miles on Glukos

I'm running a 50K trail race in 6 weeks - the Pass Mountain Trail 50K Race in Mesa, Arizona, held on November 12. I've been doing hill repeats on the steepest little hill near my house. I do squats and lunges while I wait for my Keurig to make coffee. I've increased my mileage - 58 miles this week. I also tried some new products that I might use at the race that I won in a Glukos Energy giveaway.

How I Fueled My 20 Mile Run

Not wanting to try too many new things at once, before yesterday's run I had coffee with oatmeal mixed with banana, cinnamon and walnuts instead of one of the bars that I won. During the run, I used one Glukos drink mix, one Glukos gel, and 14 Glukos tablets, which is 120 carbohydrates and 390 calories total for my 3hr 40 min run. I ate/drank something every 2 miles from miles 4 to 16.

Results of My Glukos Experiment

I've used orange, lemon and fruit punch flavors and liked them all. Every product has a light sweetness that's just right (they use stevia). They say that glucose, the main ingredient in the products, is a sugar most easily and quickly used by our bodies. I didn't have any stomach upset or cramps and I didn't bonk. I managed a fast finish, which makes me happy.

I liked the convenience of the tablets, which you can just chew or put in a bottle with water. At 5 grams of carbs in each tablet, you can easily take in only a little fuel at a time. I ate 2-4 tablets at once and they remind me of Smarties candy. The drink powder mixes easily. The gel, which is water-based, is more like a drink than other gels and is in a package larger than most gels.

Last month, I ran a long run using Glukos drink powder and gummies. I like the small size of the gummies and how easy they are to chew. Click here to see how I used them on that 16 mile run. 

How to Get Glukos for Free

Request a free sample at Glukos Energy so that you can use Glukos, too, just like Jared Ward, 3rd marathon finisher in the '16 men's Olympics. Check them out on Twitter or Facebook. That's how I entered the giveaway and won a box of Glukos.

Running This Week: 

Monday: 12 mile run with 12 hill repeats
Tuesday: 8 
mile run with strides

Wednesday: 8 mile run with strides
Thursday: 20 mile run with last miles at 
10:01, 10:03, 9:48, 9:31, 9:15/mile. Average pace- 10:57. 
10 mile run (tiring my legs right after a 20 mile day to prep for 50K); pre-run: a chocolate Glukos energy bar (the first ingredient on the list is dates so if you like dates, I think you'll like it, it gave me energy for the first half of run, I should have brought a snack, though); post-run: a cookies 'n creme Glukos protein bar (I needed to nuke it to soften it, good flavor)

Total: 58 miles

I hope that you have a good running week with cooler fall weather like we are enjoying here in the Houston area!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sweet 16 Mile Run


I ran my longest run of the week, a 16 miler, yesterday. Even though it still hasn't cooled down here in Texas, it wasn't a difficult run. The only thing I would change is my fuel. 16 miles on Gatorade left me feeling tired of sweetness. 

The next time I go on a long run, I'll drink water or bring some non-sweet food in order to give my taste buds a change. With lots of sugar keeping me going, I didn't run low on energy, though. I ran the second half of my run the fastest.

How I fueled my 3 hour 16 mile run:
  • Gatorade (36 oz.)
  • Fig cookies (2 at miles 4 and 8)
  • M&M's (5 at miles 12 and 13)

Today I ran 11 miles. Why a slightly longer run right after a long run? Because I'm training for a 50K held in 7 weeks - the Pass Mountain 50k trail race in Mesa, Arizona!

How I Exercised this Week 

Monday: 10 mile run with 10 hills, dumbbell workout plus squats/push-ups/wall sits
Tuesday: 6 
mile run with strides

Wednesday: 9 mile run, 20 min. of other exercises like squats/dumbbell workout
Thursday: mile run with 5 (30 sec.) strides35 min. bike ride
Friday: 16 mile run
Saturday: 11 mile run, dumbbells workout

Total Running: 56 miles

Friday, September 16, 2016

My 14 Mile Cookie Run

I ran 14 miles today in my new running shoes. It wasn't too risky to do a long run in new shoes since they're the third pair of the same model I've worn and liked - the Mizuno Wave Kazan trail shoe. There could have been a problem unique to that pair, but I was close to home and knew that I could trade them for another pair if I had a problem. No problems, though!

Water & Wave Kazan Shoes
I ran in my neighborhood for the first 7 miles because it was dark. I stopped every couple of miles for a drink from my water bottle sitting on my front porch. I had a GU electrolyte tab in my water for the sodium. It was warm during my run (about 75 degrees, but it felt more like 85) and I was thankful for the light breeze.

I ate two fig cookies after running 8 miles. I brought raisins, but I didn't eat them. Before the run, I had coffee, yogurt and a pop-tart. After the run, I had chocolate milk and oatmeal with a banana.

After my run, I stopped at the stairs and ran up them 10 times. Last time I only ran up 5 times so either it was good to push myself or I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

This Week's Running (a cut-back week):
0, 10, 8, 0, 5, 0, 14

I hope you have a great week of running!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Running: My 60 Mile Week

For lunch today, I used a recipe from Shalane Flanagan's book, Run Fast, Eat Slow. The Omega Sardine Salad is a favorite recovery meal for Amy Cragg. I was happily surprised that I could hardly taste the sardines in it and that it tasted good, but my husband, sitting beside me and eating a hot dog, said he could definitely smell the sardines!

Saturday: One of the best perks of rising early for a run - seeing the sun rise. I took a full day of rest today. That means I missed the chance of seeing a beautiful sunrise like the one in the photo, but the rest is good for me.

Sunday: 10 mile run with 1 mile hard/easy runs repeated; strength training: arms, abs

Window Shopping at Annette's

Labor Day: After a 7 mile run and doing exercises like lunges, planks, squats, my husband and I took a drive about 40 minutes north of home on I-45 to Annette's Antiques in New Waverly, Texas. It was fun to wander through the barn. Then we hit up some more antique shops in Huntsville and Old Town Spring. After that, I took a nap and watched the show, Fixer Upper. They decorate homes with items like the ones that we saw at Annette's like old windows and doors.

Tuesday: 9 mile run with 5 stair climbs (will slowly increase that #); strength training: arms, core

Find the Deer!

Wednesday: I saw a fawn and a mother deer on my 8 mile run; exercises: push-ups, plank, lunges, squats, single-leg squats

Long Run Thursday: I saw three deer, including a fawn, when I went on my 18 mile run powered by Gatorade. I had to resort to a countdown in the last mile, thinking about how I only had a half mile, a quarter mile, etc, left to go because I really wanted to quit. The heat was getting to me! 

Later in the day, I did some strength training for my arms. I want to be able to do pull-ups, but at least I can do chin-ups (underhand grip)! 

Friday (today): mile run and exercises like squats and lunges; last run of a high mileage week and my legs feel fine - happiness!

Total running: 60 miles 

Friday, September 2, 2016

My Long Run: During and Afterwards

This week my running legs carried me a total of 55 miles. Yesterday's 17 mile run was a hot one. The still air was almost suffocating. Knowing that I wasn't the only one trudging through the humidity helped. There were lots of walkers including the hiker who carries a huge backpack for his upcoming Appalachian Trail hike. I had Gatorade, dates, candy and crackers on the run. In the later miles, I switched from listening to a book to listening to music and drenched my head in cold water at fountains.

At first, my legs were heavy on today's run because of yesterday's run. After the heaviness subsided, the temperature rose with the rising sun. Still, I was feeling good and happy to count off my miles - from 48 to 55 because it was my last run of the week. When I finish most of my runs, I take my Weimaraner, Zoe, for a walk. That's her in the photo waiting for her turn.

After my long run, I visited a Houston area running store and when I mentioned the Olympic marathon, I was introduced to one of the employee's - Amy Cragg's father-in-law! After her 9th place finish in the Olympic marathon, she's on vacation, he said. I knew she finished 9th, but I hadn't realized that she had been at 11th place at 40K. Go Amy!

The evening of my long run, I did negative pull-ups where you get help to get to the top of a bar and slowly come down. I started working on pull-ups again after seeing Jessie Graff become the first woman to make it through stage one in the national finals on America Ninja Warriors this week. Here's a video to help beginners learn to do pull-ups that she made with a friend who can't do pull-ups yet.

How I Exercised this Week 

Saturday: 35 min. bike ride, strength training
Sunday: 10 mile run
Monday: 4 mile run, strength training
Tuesday: 10 
mile run, arm exercises

Wednesday: 6 mile run, core exercises
Thursday: 17 mile runarm exercises
Friday: mile run, 25 min bike ride

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