Downsizing: Less Stuff, More Fun

Since my husband and I are preparing for an extended RV vacation, we're downsizing. If you can't fit all of your clothes into your closet or if your kitchen drawers won't hold one more gadget, you might like to get rid of a few items, too.

We can't have yard sales in our neighborhood so we had to be creative. Here's how I found new homes for our belongings.

1. We sold items.
  • Online classifieds. That's how we sold our RV and more. (We're buying a new one.)
  • We told our friends that everything must go and they came over. They even told their friends and they came over, too. 
  • A friend let the music teachers in her music association know that we had a piano for sale.
2. We gave items away. 
  • Sometimes you can match up friends with things you think they'd like.
  • I donated my race medals at a local store. They'll be given to hospitalized children.
  • Drop off items at a local charity.
3. We put stuff in the trash can and recycling bin. I didn't really need 20 water bottles.

Two fears often pop up when you're getting rid of things. Maybe you're afraid you'll miss something later. Put those items in a closet and wait a while to see if you can live without them. My biggest fear was that I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get rid of so much stuff, but the whole process has been easier than I thought it would be. 

But what about running? Lately, I've enjoyed running on the cooler days and I've sweat it out on the humid ones. I often run 5 days a week. Last week was a cut back week, but this week I hope to ramp up the miles again to 45 for the week. I'm not registered for a race, but I always like to be race-ready. How about you?


  1. We actually just had. Neighborhood yardsale and got rid of a lot of stuff.
    I usually put clothes that i'm on the fence about in a suitcase . If I dig them out with in a time period then I keep it. If I don't, that's a sign I can get rid of it!

  2. That's great! If we don't eliminate some of our things, but keep buying stuff, most of us will run out of room eventually!

  3. All of our stuff is in storage until we move into our new house and I don't miss any of it! Then again, maybe it's because I know I'll see it all soon. We got rid of a ton of stuff before the move and it was a great weight off our shoulders! I'll probably get rid of more as we unpack.

    1. Moving is a great incentive to get rid of things!

  4. When I do a big de-clutter or Goodwill donation, I always say my house feels lighter. That is such a great feeling! I'd admit, it would be hard to give away my race medals. But the sweet way you did it will definitely lift a child's spirits!

    1. It makes it easier to rehome my favorite things when I know that someone will treasure them. And, in case some Houston area runners read this, Finish Line running store (The Woodlands, Texas) is a medal drop-off store for the

  5. Great tips on how to downsize! It is nice that you are still running quite a bit even without a race! I'm enjoying running without a training schedule and like to keep a good base.

    1. It would be nice to plan ahead and be registered for races, but if you can't do that - you can do what we're doing and keep a good base. Great minds think alike!

  6. You are so right about getting rid of stuff, sometimes that worry of...but i can use this again stalls me from being able to get rid of something. It is nice though to have the motivation of an extended trip to clean stuff out though! Enjoy your RV time :)

  7. Nice work in the downsizing department! It's amazing how much one accumulates.


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