Florida Fun in Our New RV

What a fun week I've had! We drove to Florida to pick up our new RV. Then we drove down to the Florida Keys and all of the way down to the southernmost point - something my husband and I had never done before. And something I had never seen before on a beach - an iguana. They run around wild on the Keys. Can you spot the iguana in the tree?

We stayed at a newer RV park on the Keys, Palms Keys Resort, in Key Largo that was really nice. Going for a swim and watching an iguana or two walk by - fun times!

The beach views were gorgeous on the drive down to Key West. The water was such a pretty shade of greenish-blue. We stopped at a couple of places and walked around Key West for hours. That walk included a stop for Key Lime Pie.

It was great to go back to the RV at night. Our new RV had some surprises for us, though. There was a hot day when I wondered if we'd ever get the air conditioner turned on. You have to turn off the generator first, or last, or... Oh, I don't remember right now, but you get the idea. Everything worked out fine in the end so I'll think we'll keep it!

Our brand new 2017 Newmar Ventana 3609 RV in Key Largo.

I ran the first 3 days of the week in Florida. I see so many things that I miss when we speed down the road in a vehicle. Also, I think I get a better idea of what it would be like to live in the places that we visit when I go for a few runs in those locations. Some of my favorite vacation memories have happened when I went for a run. More photos are on my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/tina_gottarunnow.

Sunset on the Florida Beach

Running Recap for my 50 Mile Week

Sunday: 8 mile run
Monday: 9 mile run
Tuesday: 7 mile run
Wednesday: 2nd day of driving home to Texas
Thursday: 12 mile run
Friday: 8 mile run
Saturday: 6 mile run


  1. I would love to have views like that! I've been to Key west only once but it was while on a cruise so our time was limit. Have fun Tina.

    1. We saw a cruise ship in Key West. That would be a fun stopping place!

  2. That is a gorgeous RV and what great views you had in FL :) and I always love your miles :)

    1. Thanks, Karen! It was our first trip that far south in Florida - definitely worth the drive!


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