Stopping in Bakersfield, California

I'm writing to you from the Bakersfield Resort RV Park in central California. In the photo, you can see our RV and the building where I pick up our mail and work out in the gym.

If it's dark, I run at the RV park. Otherwise, I like to run outside the park where I see a lot of kids walking to school and occasional homeless people. This is such a big change from running at the park where my husband and I used to live in Texas.

We sold our house just north of Houston in Spring, Texas, exactly one month before Hurricane Harvey rain flooded our neighborhood streets and the National Guard took boats down our street to rescue our former neighbors. We think our old house probably had a few inches of rain inside. We're so glad we sold!

We Visited the Kern County Fair in Bakersfield

We are staying in Bakersfield much longer than we had planned to because my mother-in-law has been very sick. We spend a lot of time with her. I didn't run at first, but when things calmed down I started running again. Running is a good distraction. Listening to audio books makes running time even better.

When I saw that the Bakersfield Marathon takes place on November 12, I thought that I'd try to ramp up my miles and see how my legs felt. Last week, I ran 45 miles. This week, I hope to run 50. So far, so good. If I run it, it will be my 19th marathon. Three weeks until the marathon!


  1. I am so sorry to hear it's your mother in law who is very sick. How wonderful to be there for her during this hard time.
    That is a beautiful set up at the RV park! How exciting to discover there's a marathon right there in just a few weeks! You will run well, I just know it! :)

    1. We're happy to be able to help. The marathon will be a fun diversion!


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