Palm Springs, California, for a Week

This week, my husband and I drove our RV from San Diego to Palm Springs. We strolled through town and hiked on trails in the area. One of my favorite hikes was through Tahquitz Canyon, which is on an Indian Reservation.

We hiked to a waterfall with a chilly pool at the foot of it - a great place to wade in. The hike went along a creek for most of the way, which was nice to listen to as we hiked up the trail in the heat. Yes, it's hot! I don't mind, though. I know much of the country is freezing right now!

These jumbo rocks were all over the place in Joshua Tree National Park, where we did more hiking. The rocks were a lot of fun to climb on and we had a picnic on top of them.

We found an old miner's cabin along the Queen Mountain trail. By the time we drove to the next hiking trail, the Lost Horse Trail, I started doing more running then walking and ran most of the way.

I usually run in the mornings at the RV park where we're staying. This week we stayed at the Palm Springs Joshua Tree KOA and I ran anywhere from 5-7 miles in the mornings before we played tourist in the afternoons.

Took our Jeep on a 4WD Road, Too

This was my first visit to Joshua Tree National Park. I enjoyed the desert more than I thought I would!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! There is so much beauty in the desert - in the large and very small details! How fun to get to run in it! Where is your next destination?

    1. Thanks, Kate! We're heading to the mountains next. I hope I don't miss this warm desert weather too much!


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