Working at a Museum in Maine!

My husband and I took a volunteer workamping position at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum for 6 weeks, starting in late August of 2018. (Workamping is living in your RV where you work for pay or as a volunteer.) We loved working there, in Bradley near Bangor. 

I spent time in the gift store where visitors stopped to pay admission, in the garden and opening and closing the old buildings like the sawmill. 

Eric spent most of his days doing odd jobs outside. Taking drone video kept him busy. He brought the game cameras up to date and, surprisingly, saw an elk on one of them. If we had only had our RV window shade open the morning before, we would have seen the elk who was not far from where we were parked!

Here's the elk by the covered bridge in the top photo.

Although we did do some sightseeing, we loved our time there so much that we stayed there almost the whole time. It was a beautiful place to walk, explore the cabins and meet visitors from all over the world. I ran a little there, but because of health reasons, I've had to run less and walk more. Perhaps someday that will change.

I was genuinely sad to leave. The people that we worked with, our boss and the weekly volunteer group, were so kind that it was a joy to work with them.

That's me! This cabin was one of my favorites with a spinning wheel and loom inside.

After Maine, we stopped in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Here I am in Cades Cove.

Now, we're near Gulf Shores, Alabama, for about a month. Although, I loved Maine, I'm enjoying the warmer beach weather here. Although we thought it would be crowded with snowbirds, it's quiet here. How nice! I plan to post a summary blog post of our stay here next...


  1. It's been so fun following along on your traveling adventures! I am sorry to hear you are not able to run at the moment but happy for you that you can walk and hike! Enjoy the warmer temps in the Gulf Shores and the beautiful water there! :)

  2. Hi Kate! It's been fun following you on IG! I'm enjoying the nice weather here and wish I could send some to everyone!


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