Let's Go to the Beach in Alabama!

We traveled from Maine to Orange Beach, Alabama. I was hoping it would be warmer than Maine and I got my wish. (It has since snowed in Maine!) My husband is glad that I've stopped whining about the cold. Mostly.

We went to nearby Gulf Shores beach and we rode bikes at Gulf State Park where they have 'gators and venomous snakes just like we used to see in Texas. I had my eagle eyes open for them, but all I saw was a rabbit.

November is a nice time at the beach: fairly quiet and uncrowded. Next up, we're traveling even farther west!


  1. How nice to be among the warmth at this time of year! Safe travels as you adventure to the west! I LOVE the beauty of the west!

    1. So far, so good on traveling. Just when we thought driving through El Paso on 10 couldn't be worse, they seemed to have narrowed the freeway, though! Arizona here we come...


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